10 Best Travel Hacks

Best Travel Hacks

10 Best Travel Hacks No One Ever Told You About

Travellers flourish on the never-say-die feeling of elation that accompanies an impending trip. The location of the holiday is a divine guidance and the joy of planning acts like the motivation. But even then, there are numerous things that can dampen your spirits no matter how much you plan . Fret not!  Flypped lists  innovative and easy ideas to save you plenty of worry, time and money.

1. Go incognito

When you start planning a trip, it’s obvious that you do some research online. It’s bound to happen that youl leave behind a digital footprint. Always remember to clear your browsing history whenever you start booking tickets. In fact its best to open sites in incognito mode. Travel websites often track your past searches and may surge the rates of tickets based on your past information.


2. Travel light

Your tickets are booked, the itinerary is planned and you are all set to go. You just need to pack. But what do you take? How do you keep your luggage light, but still look fabulous on your vacation? There’s quite a simple hack. Select a color palette and choose your clothes accordingly. This will help you to mix and match different outfits so that you don’t need to carry too many of them and then trot around with a heavy luggage.


3. Don’t wrinkle your clothes

Once you have finalised the clothes you want to take along with you, all you need to do is to lay them all out and arrange them as neatly as possible. But almost always when you unpack later during your trip you find that your favorite shirts are wrinkled. And an iron is not always accessible. So instead when you haul out your suitcases, line your clothes with tissue paper before you pack them in. Use the rolling technique instead of folding when putting your clothes in.

4. Compact makeup cases

To make your life simpler, just buy a few lens cases and fill them up with your makeup products. They will become easier to carry and are also spill proof.

5. Virtual Documentation

Before you start your journey, it’s crucial to do one last check to make sure all your documents are in order. Losing your passport or tickets can be a dreadful experience on any trip. As a precaution against such an event, scan all your documents and email the copies to yourself and family members so you have easy access to them in case of an emergency.


6. Answering nature’s call

When you finally get to the airport or get off a flight, the first thing most of us do is head to the washroom. And then you are left waiting outside the occupied stalls till the crowd clears. Have you noticed how the bathrooms are almost always crowded when you get to them? That’s because everyone is heading to the first restroom they see. Be a smart traveller and avoid the first washroom at airports and stations. Instead, head to the next one. More often than not, it will be a lot less occupied and you won’t end up wasting any time waiting.

7. Get in and out fast

Whenever traveling by flight, having to wait for your luggage at the conveyor belt is a herculean task. To save yourself some time, add a fragile sticker to your bag when you check-in your luggage at the counter. Not only will the airport officials handle your luggage carefully, it will also be the last one to go in before take-off and hence the first one to come out upon landing meaning no long wait at the luggage pick up point.

8. Easy access to Wi-Fi

After you have reached your destination, you settle in and start exploring. But the one thing you lack is roaming internet data services on your device. Here’s an easy hack. Log on to Foursquare and check the comments section of the places you check into. Many past users leave helpful comments with the WiFi password of a certain place which is sure to help you out.

9. Use Google maps offline

While your expedition continues, getting lost in an unmapped place is a scary thought that can keep haunting your mind. Google Maps is a life saver when you need directions. But using your phone’s mobile data on roaming is sure to guarantee you a hefty bill when you get back. Instead, you can use Google Maps on offline mode when you travel.

10. Photographic memory aid

It’s quite easy to get lost in a new place. And it can lead to a bit of affright, especially if you are traveling alone. To help yourself in such an untoward event, take pictures of the crucial places like your hotel, where you parked, etc. with landmarks visible in the photos. This will help jog your memory and can also act as a visual aid in case you need to ask someone for directions and don’t speak the native language.


Finally and most importantly, just remember to have fun. Traveling is going to fill you up with unparalleled sense joy and delight and endow you with an experience of a lifetime. Go have the time of your life fellas!


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