10 Bollywood Movies That Kept Our Goose Bumps Alive Till The End


Well! Most of us are big fans of Bollywood. Every year Bollywood releases thousands of movies however, a handful of them only are worth watching time and again. The subjects, genre of the movies may be different such as romantic movies, thrillers, inspirational Movies, biographies, action movies, drama etc. There have been certain movies which are recommended as a must watch for all the Bollywood fans as these movies were able to create goose bumps from the start to finish. Let’s have a look at the movies which have made it to the list:-

Dangal(2016):- Though he makes us wait for long to have a glimpse of his movies but his brainchild is always a delight to wait for. Dangal was no surprise to this. The effort with which he portrayed the difficulties faced by a regional family in Haryana to achieve something unconventional at world front is commendable. And surely, the movie is able to keep interest and goose bumps alive till the end.

Dangal movie poster




Baby(2015):-The movie is an action spy thriller directed by our most talented Neeraj Pandey with Akshay Kumar in the lead role. The movie is based on the increasing terrorism and the operation started against some terrorism cells known as ‘Baby’. Tapsee Pannu as Shabana is also impressive.

baby movie poster



Gupt(1997):- Who was the killer? This Bobby Deol, Kajol and Manisha Koirala starrer was surely able to keep the secret of the murderer till the end. Further, marvelous acting by the actors could keep the movie alive from start to end. A must watch for those who have not seen it yet.

gupt movie poster


Aamir(2008): How Aamir solves the dilemma of protecting his family or the nation is the crux of the story. Rajiv Khandelwal is not a regular face in movies but surely able to pull the movie on his shoulders. The moral of the story is not to reject a movie based on star cast or banner. Watch yourself and then decide.

aamir movie poster


A Wednesday(2008): A unique case heard by a common man and decided in favour of the nation by killing the terrorist which were still alive due to the procedure of court of law. The racy thriller and marvelous acting by Anupam Kher and Nasseruddin Shah. You will never regret watching this movie.

A Wednesday movie poster


Kahaani(2012):- The mystery written and directed by Sujoy Gosh starring Vidya Balan is a thumbs up. How a helpless lady turns into her own strength to revenge the death of her husband and the unborn child keeps the movie going throughout. Further, how cleverly she removes the clues of her presence is a must watch.

kahaani movie poster

Ek ruka hua faisla(1986): Can a dialogue among few individuals from different fields save a person from injustice. Yes, well explained by the movie where the arguments among these people lead to a decision in a case where there are no evidences and an innocent is involved. Shot in a single room the film won’t let you down and you will regret the fact that exceptional good quality cinema was missed by you.

ek ruka hua faisla movie poster

Bhool Bhulaiya(2007): A psychological thriller where a split personality disorder is described in such a way and also that its not the case that some psychiatric disorders need a different kind of medicine plus a good story and solid starcast. Hope you did not miss that!

bhol bhulaiya movie poster

Drishyam(2015):- We know who did the crime. We know why they did the crime. But we are still interested to watch it to know how they hide their crime which they committed for self protection. You would love the movie and Ajay Devgan. Do watch it.

drishyam movie poster

Pink(2016): It is not the female gender in any case who is responsible for all the crime. If a woman roams freely does not indicate that she has a bad character. The fact is very well explained to society by the Shehanshah of bollywood, Sir Amitabh Bachchan. His age adds grace to the character portrayed by him in the movie and such a real acting by Tapsee Pannu. A must watch for all the men for what they won’t understand the other way and for all the women for what they want to tell the society.  

pink movie poster



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