10 most common regrets people tend to have in their 40’s


“40’s – The age where you don’t want to be with the cool people but  with your people!”

Forties is that age where you have settled well in your life, achieved the milestones of the what the age has to offer, behold to strong permanent relationships and are sufficed by your accomplishments  on the outer side but the real realization beyond this is only echoed, once you sit and ponder over about your incomplete bucket list from the past!

When you look back in life then there are 99% clear chances of “regrets” to hover over you! But you aren’t just the one, there are others too!

Here is a list of 10 most common regrets people tend to have in their 40’s:

Trifling away the time

One of the most common regrets that the people in their 40’s face are frittering away their lot of time in their earlier lives. We tend to possess a so-called “bucket list” when we are young, but we see very little or nothing at all accomplished from it in the future. Like you may regret not becoming a millionaire or relishing that particular adventure or not taking risks when you had ample of time and the list can be endless.

Save, Save and Save

We are often taught the importance of savings since our roots but later on in our lives, somewhere near to 20s, we think we still hold a lot of time to do the same and end up coughing out the stock in partying and in a shitload of worthless things. The realization of this careless shelling out is struck hard in our 40’s when you actually crave for the savings but don’t have any!

Health is Wealth

Bulging tummy, protruding figure or physique, turning into a potato, health concerns etc can all become a part and parcel of your life in your 40’s.Bound to your busy schedule there’s only a little time for you to actually take care of your health at this age due to your work timings, the eating and sleeping habits you have inculcated, carelessness you have portrayed during your earlier years, all those “cool habits” in your 20’s tend to reflect in your 40’s! So, if you have enjoyed yourself over your health limits then its certainly a payback time!

Ignored “Wanderlust”

Everybody loves to explore and every soul desires to travel! Travelling can actually heal your mind, soul, and body. When you are young, you tend to have immense energy and you must certainly utilize it in travelling too because with the passing time, you will certainly be mounted with the plethora of responsibilities and hence, travelling will flutter out of the window without your realization and it will definitely become a regret in your 40’s.

Taking Risks!

This is the time when you will most probably regret not risking at certain places in your earlier days where your inner self  was shrieking you to ought to!Your 20’s is the most prominent time for you to risk it all, as we tend to be very flexible with the altering situations and can adjust well to the changes but in the 40’s it’s all a matter of “what ifs…” and thus, you regret not letting yourself explore more when you had the time, be it in relationships, better opportunities, trying something out of the box and much more!

No time for the people who actually matter

In your earlier years, you are either busy forging up your career or either enjoying with your “temporaries”, thus, postponing or ignoring the time who ought to spend with your grey ones. All this is piled up once you reach your 40’s and witness your parents or your grandparents are on the verge of losing their spirits. This hard realization is something that can never be repaired because of your burgeoning responsibilities swallowing up your time!

Losing your inner “fun” child

As an adult or a head in your family or workplace you tend to become more stern and serious, sometimes grumpy too with the thought to set an example for your juniors or sometimes due to the overly ladened responsibilities, you tend to lose your inner child. This fetches nothing but the never-ending pain in your future which will leave you with ample time but no energy to live it all!

No living in the present

The age is eternally bound to leave you anxious and worried with your duties due to which you fail to live in the present and always slip to relish the current good times in your ambiance be it a vacation, a time spent with your loved ones or just a simple break from your usual errand.

Unable to keep the friends intact

With the passage of time, you tend to cut loose from all your chuddy-buddies, college freakies or your some really good work friends. You will acknowledge your lost time in your 40’s when you get hell tired by sufficing every one’s needs in your families or when it’s the same monotonous  family relationships, then this will be the spell when you really crave for the lost time to chill out with your old buddies but seem to have no same connection with them anymore due to being so engrossed in your lives earlier!

Not learning to play an instrument

Music heals your mind and soul and this will be a hard realization in your 40’s when you will crave to play an instrument but your fingers will be as stiff as a bamboo stick. When you are alone and want to relish you own company but have nothing to do, then get ready with some regrets piling upon you!

 Although you must have missed out a lot in the past as well as in your present but you must always learn to forgive yourself and give yourself another chance to re-live your forgotten or ignored dreams in order to have a worthwhile future.

Also, remember that “Age is really just a number”.

So, pick up your diary and pen down some new or fetch your old bucket list that you still want to relish and forget it all and just live it! as you already know “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE(YOLO!)” 


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