10 foods that keeps you hydrated in summer


10 foods that keep you hydrated this summer:-

Summer is here. The time where you sweat like there is no tomorrow and the sun eats away all your energy and dehydrates you. Here is a list that includes ten foods that will keep you hydrated and energized this summer.

1)     Apples– An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It also keeps dehydration away as they contain 84% water. These tasty and crunchy fruits are also liked by everyone. They can be eaten as snacks, breakfast and dessert also. So go on and crunch your way into hydration.

Apple fruit

2)   Celery– These wands are low in calories, high in fiber and high in water content. It is also a very tasty snack and gives you all the hydration you need to stay away from dehydration this summer.


3)   Peppers– These spicy little toppings on pizza look so visually appealing. They also contain 90% water. They also contain Vitamin A and C. So this summer you can use this as an excuse to eat an extra slice of pizza with pepper topping on a hot day.


4)   Cantaloupe – Cantaloupe is high in vitamins and low in calories. It contains 90% water & it is considered to be one of the best fruits in summer to keep yourself hydrated. 


5)    Berry– Some berries contain over 92% of water and they are also very tasty. These tiny little berries have enough water content to keep you from dehydration this summer.


6)   Soup– Does not sound very interesting to consume hot soup during summer. But this is a very healthy food. The advantage with soup is that you can design it your own way by adding whatever you want. Just make sure you add enough Sodium to get all the salts that you lost as you sweat.


7)    Lettuce– These leaves contain over 96% of water. They also taste great in salads and in burgers. Another excuse for you to have a burger or two.



8)   Watermelons– You know summer is here when you see heaps of watermelons being sold by vendors on the road. These melons contain 90% of water. They also taste awesome.


9)   Ice Candies– A day in summer is not complete without eating one ice candy. These tasty candies help you stay hydrated and they can also be prepared at home easily. Ensure that they are healthy and include various kinds of fruits to add extra hydration levels.


10)  Cucumbers– These can be eaten or used to cool your eyes by just keeping them on your eyes. They contain a lot of water. They can also be added to salads and eaten raw.



So before you get drained off by the bossy sun in summers, replenish water and minerals in your body to keep going and stay active. Happy summers.


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