10 Reasons Why Swimming Is Good For Your Health

10 Reasons Why Swimming Is Good For Your Well-Being

10 Reasons Why Swimming Is Good For Your Health

Swimming is not only a bliss for your physical well being but it also has mental health benefits! Swimming is one under rated form of exercise that you can continue for a lifetime irrespective of your age and weight issues.

Swimming is like a low-impact workout and it is a good way to feel relaxed and refreshed. Following listed are the health benefits of making swimming as your regular recreational activity:

  1. If you are giving hours and hours at gym and spending recklessly on high-end proteins to make your body fit and fabulous, then it is high time to ditch your gym lowers and be ready in swim suits as swimming is this great workout that can beat any other form of exercise because you need to move your whole body against the flow of water. It is also a relaxed and peaceful form of exercise without any added stress. In fact, it alleviates stress. In nutshell, it is a sweat-less exercise that releases stress.
  2. It improves body flexibility levels, coordination skills, your body balancing and postures.
  3. Swimming lowers the risk of diseases. If you swim for 30 minutes, three times a week , it help to guard against heart diseases, strokes and 2 types of diabetes.
  4. Swimming also improves your sleep. If you often suffers from insomnia, start taking swimming sessions from today as swimming is that hidden key to your good night’s sleep!
  5. Swimming boosts your mood up! During swimming, our body releases feel-good hormone serotonin, that makes you feel contented and at peace. Therefore, if you are in the clutches of daily life, churning between job and home, boss and wife, then swimming can help you get over depression, tension, anger and other similar feelings that may take a toll on your heath in the long run.
  6. Swimming gives strength to your muscles. The water resistance is 44 times greater than air, which means that you have to work hard to move your body in water as compared to in air. The process also increases your endurance to do any physical task.
  7. It improves your immune system because you start getting in contact with natural waters stimulations. It also contributes in increase red blood cells counts and improves blood circulation rate.
  8. Swimming lights up your brain cells and therefore provides you a clear vision in long run.
  9. Swimming makes you taller, longer, leaner. Due to stretch in muscles when you swim, body tends to grow a little more than what it naturally supposed to grow. It also builds bone mass.
  10. If you are taking up swimming session in salt-water pool, then it is like a magic wand for your skin. Swimming regularly in salt water helps the skin retain moisture and detoxify t promote growth of new cells.

Swimming, to boil down, is like a life’s boon and with so many benefits to your body and mind, it ensures greater health and life longevity!


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