10 Sanskaari Things Indian Women Want To Stop Hearing Once And For All

10 Sanskaari Things Indian Women Want To Stop Hearing Once And For All
10 Sanskaari Things Indian Women Want To Stop Hearing Once And For All

Are only we women entitled to be #SANSKARI ? Are we born with the stamp of being one and if not, would be punished? What about the boys? What about their Sanskars?? I am muddled as to what purpose do they serve? Aren’t we all humans?? Then why should only we gals be one?

Here is a list of 10 Sanskaari things Indian Women want to stop hearing once and for all:

“Excuse me, your bra strap is visible, tuck it in real quick!”

I mean what the f**k does it mean? Ok So I have boobs and yes I wear bra to support them, even if a little of it shows, then how the hell is it different from the others undergarments? I never comprehended!!

“Look what is she wearing! Why is she even wearing it? Everything is revealing through her skirts/shorts/dress/corset etc”

I mean excuse me? Who has given you the right to stand forth my Right to freedom! It’s my life and hence, my rules-Must be clear to you!

“OMG! She is so loud and abusive, doesn’t she realize she is a girl?”

I mean wtf! Can’t we girls ever loose our temper or be overexcited ever?

“You don’t know how to make roti? What will you feed your husband?”

What m I? A maid? Is cooking the only mandatory thing to please my husband? Lol! I don’t think so!

“Playing cards and drinking alcohol”- “Sanskar khatam hi hogaye hain kya?”

I mean the guys can play, drink and fool around? I can’t even play cards, drink and have fun at my home peacefully?

“She has so many guy friends… First they loom around them and then lament if something goes wrong”

What? Does being around guys indicate thirsty for their attention? Sorry! But its least of our concern!

“Don’t do anything that would bring your Dad any kind of shame”

Does living life by my terms bring my dad shame? I don’t think so! It’s simply about doing what I want to do in my life and my parent’s being supportive for the same as I am old enough to understand what is right and what is not!

“She’s always on her phone! Must definitely have a boyfriend, Shameless”

And if a guy is on phone then the girl at the other end is swooning over him? I mean what hypocrisy!!

“Come back home before it gets too dark! Girls must not be out at night for long”

How about teaching your son some decency?

“I have never seen her pray or go to the temple. What will she teach her children?”

Well, to be good human beings of course and instill the qualities of equality, respect, patience and tolerance in them.


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