10 signs that your baby is growing physically and mentally



The blessing of Motherhood brings in a bag full of responsibilities. Mother and child have their own small world in which a child is the main point of focus for mother. The first few months in a baby’s life are crucial to their proper development, not only due to the reason that the baby is in tender age of development but also due to his inability to express and comprehend feelings. It becomes tough for a mother to track the development of their babies at such a fragile age.  Given under are some pointers or signs one can keep in mind to ensure if their baby is growing  physically and mentally.

  1. Physical development –One should keep a track of child’s health and nutrition levels. It should not be judged by how much a child eats but what he eats should be concerned. So a nutritious balance diet should be given. Also a track must be kept over their physical parameters such as height, weight, head circumference, etc.
  2. Cognitive development– Child must have the ability to think, learn and remember. Depending upon the age of child he must be capable of retaining what he learns new in his life.
  3. Emotional development– Child should be emotionally connected with his family and near and dear ones. So that he can feel attached and open to share his feelings with them.
  4. Social development– A child should be able to express his emotions either verbally or with facial expressions with the people interacting with him.
  5. Language development– A child should be able to develop his language slowly and gradually. He must be able to convey his words to others in a language commonly spoken.
  6. Sensory development– All the five senses i.e. taste, sight, touch, smell and hear should be properly developed in a child which shows proper functioning of his body organs.
  7. Motor skills– It means how the child uses his muscles to do movements with his arms, legs, feet or his entire body. Learning motor skills will give a child greater independence.
  8. Immunity– Child should build immunity gradually as he grows. Frequent infections are a sign that the immunity is weakened. Greater immunity gives body strength . Only a strong body can bear a strong soul . So to be mentally strong, one has to be physically strong.
  9. Playfullness– A child should be playful . Playtime is as important to their life as food and good care. It makes them creative, teaches them skills and self control.
  10. Discipline– It is an integral part of one’s life whether it be a small child or a full grown up adult. For example when a child learns to speak he is shown the proper way and manners to speak by controlling him if speaks in a wrong way and always a healthy enviornment should be maintained to inculcate good habbits for future.



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