10 Things To Do Before Getting Married


Married: Marriage is the life long companionship of two people coming from different families, you have to nurture it with love, respect, and trust not only with your partner but also with all the relations coming along. It is up to you to make it a beautiful or a worst journey. Here are some points which if you apply can surely help you in this new journey of yours.

Make sure you get all your finances in order before getting married. Don’t let your past credit mistakes disturb your future and create a burden on your partner. Arrange everything beforehand.

Discuss about the finances with your future spouse, talk about the various investments both short and long terms. Marriage is a mutual relationship and in the 21st century both man and woman are equally responsible for all the financial stuff of the family, thus it is important that we plan all these issues before marriage as money matters can be a serious issue after marriage.

Give yourself some time and try to analyze that whether you are ready to get married or not. Figure out why you want to get married? Do you really love your partner or just fascinated by the idea of the marriage? find out your true intentions before you get into any relationship.

Stay fit and healthy, remember you have to be ready to face many big challenges which are about to come in life. Marriage may sound enjoyable but with marriage comes the big responsibilities so you need to be both mentally and physically prepared for it.

Spend some time and bucks on one favorite thing of yours which you wanted to do since long but waited for the right time, so now it’s the right time to get some fun and enjoy your singlehood as this time would never come back again.

Clear your positions on kids and your career with your life partner before marriage. Today when both the partners are working, responsibilities are to be shared by both.

Learn some cooking, now cooking here is not only meant for a woman to learn but also for man. Now days both husband and wife are working so it is important that both should know a bit of cooking. Younever know when this bit knowledge could prove to be a life saver.

It’s important to know your strength and limitations first before talking of yourpartner’s. You may come across many situations in life which would test your limitations or sometimes in life you might have to work beyond your limitations.

Love people as they are, remember every one has a different personality, so do not judge people quickly, give some time and try to accept them as they are.

Sometimes it’s good not to argue on something you don’t agree, rather say sorry and try to sort out the issues rather than sticking to your ego.


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