10 Things you will understand if you are an introvert with an extroverted BFF!


“Opposites Attract” I have eternally heard, but not just in case of love but also friendship.

Friendship is one of the most amazing relationships one can have and the best friendship is something beyond that. An introvert-extrovert friend-relationship is definitely a cherry on the cake as you can experience both in one package!

Here are 10 things you will understand if you are an introvert with an extrovert BFF!

1. Your weekend plan of lazying around at home in your pyjamas and doing nothing, turns into doing a lot of things in just one day like one moment you are nibbling on your cookie in your PJs and just the next wondering what the hell is wrong with this club!

2. You are often pushed out of your cushioned comfort zone, which is kinda fun too! You would rarely reveal the amount of fun you had in the party you were forcibly taken. Ahem Ahem! Right?

3. When you are hanging out with a person you guys hardly know, then you can just rely on your energizing BFF to converse with the new one while you sit back quietly and hang loooooooose! Definitely your over exhilarant, social BFF always has your back! Kudos!!

4. You inculcate some sense in your BFF like it’s alright if they can’t muddle through everyone – “it’s ok if you ignore a person you hate or it’s ok not to have a small formal talk with everyone you meet”, as they will still remain the best!

5. Your BFF will always be persuasive for you to speak what you really mean rather than just staying quiet all the time as everyone knows the imporatance of “interaction via words.” Right?

6. Your BFF is utterly used to your weird excuses to pull out from any social interactions and they will leave no stone unturned to convince you and finally, you will be forcibly hanging out with their friends! Sometimes it’s fun? Right?

7. If the people try to nudge you about your introvertness and claim you of being “snobbish”, then you just smile as your confident that your BFF will handle it!

8. Your never ceasing talkative BFF is full of advices and is willing to pour 24*7 upon you! Yeah you can always do this, do that and no nothing! Lol!

9. Your BFF always knows you are there to deal with her ravings and tantrums, as they are well aware of your excellent-listening skills!

10. They give you perspective as you would have been a different person if they wouldn’t have paved their way into your hearts.


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