10 tips to Swear by to Maintain Friendship


Friends are the set of people which we need at all times. Be it sharing happiness or expressing sorrow, friends are our balustrades. There are some things which we need to keep in mind to maintain friendship.

1.Stay in touch

In order to be friends forever, we must make sure that we keep up with our friends. At times, the friendships just end because of no contact. Do not expect others to phone you or contact you first. Learn to initiate things so that the other person realizes your value. Staying in touch is very important to maintain friendships.

2. Suggest and advice

There are times when we needs suggestions and advice from our friends. Do not let your friends stray in the wrong direction. Encourage them when they are right and drill confidence in them. Whereas tell them directly when they are wrong. Do not wait for things to aggravate.

3. Be a pillar of support

Stand with your friends no matter what. Sometimes we do not pay heed to our friends and take them for granted. Make sure you support them no matter what. After all distance should not be a hindrance in lending a hand. A word of approval is enough to get the friendship going. You need not make tall claims and promises.

4. Do not expect much

Expectations always lead to disappointments, they say. It is better not to expect much from your friends. Set a bar on your desires and expectations. Do not let misunderstandings and silly behaviour ruin your friendship.

5. Understand one another

Do not blame one another, it is a major flaw for the failures of friendship. The most strong friendships tear apart owing to blame-game. Put yourself in the shoes of your friends and think from their perfective. Do not make assumptions because assumptions are sin. Talk to each other and figure things out.

6. Be Selfless

It is very important not to be self-centered to maintain and strengthen friendship. Do not try to grind your own axe. Do not contact them only when you need help. Try to be around them always be it in virtual or physical form.

7. Forget and forgive

Certain misunderstandings crop up between friends but we should not stick to the. Nursing grudges won’t help at any time. So, bury the past and forget things. Be forgiving in nature.

8. Make memories

Hang out with friends as much as possible. Travel with them and paint the town red. It is true that we cannot stay together for ever but at least memories can keep us together. So build memories so that you can cherish them even twenty years down the line. Click pictures, eat together, go to movies, celebrate birthdays together  etc and let them know how much they mean to you.

9. Be straightforward

Do not beat about the bush with your pals. Simply show them the real picture. Do not paint a false world before them. Try to be genuine and honest with them.

10. Avoid Backstabbing

Do not talk behind the back of your friends. Tell them directly if you have issues with them. Do not hold any ill feelings for your friends. Be true to them and favour your friends in their absence.

So try to be a good friend. Go hug your friends and thank them for being in your life.


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