10 Tips That Will Motivate You in Overcoming Alcohol Addiction


Alcohol addiction is a serious problem and overcoming it may seem impossible. Most people seem to lack the will power to stop drinking. The is very difficult but not impossible. With the right mindset and the will to stop drinking, anyone can stop drinking. You should not feel helpless and lose hope. Changing the habits does not require the right time, you can start whenever you want and these guidelines can help you overcome your addiction.

The change does not come overnight, you have to work on changing your lifestyles and habits. Recovery is a slow process and it takes time to overcome addiction. Small steps are required to make big changes. in the early stages, it is difficult to control the need to drink and you may make excuses to yourself. Important thing is that you cannot fall for these temptations. First, you have to reduce drinking and then you can stop it altogether.

These steps will help you on your road to recovery from Alcohol –

1. Set a Goal
You have to set a goal for yourself. Set a limit on how much you will drink and follow it. Do not drink above the recommended number of drinks. 2 drinks per day should be the maximum limit for men under 65 years of age and 1 drink per day for men above 65 and women. Control yourself and keep the drinks under the limit, Ask your family or friends to help. Their encouragement will help you the most.

2. Evaluate the Cost of Drinking
Drinking not only affects your physical health but also adversely affects your mental health. It has bad effects on your memory and retention power. Your drinking problems can also affect those near you.  It drains your energy and makes you feel tired, not to mention it is pretty expensive.

If you understand these costs, you can stop yourself from drinking too much. Thinking about the benefits of not drinking will help you get over your addiction faster.

3. Ask for help
Tell your friends and family about your problem and that you are trying to stop drinking. Ask them to keep a check on you and prevent you from drinking over limits. Listen to them and control yourself. Moreover, their encouragement will boost your confidence and will help you strengthen your mind. Share your success with them, their confidence will help you to quit drinking.

4. Avoid temptation
In the early stages, it might be difficult to avoid temptation. Therefore, it is a good idea to opting out of going to a place that offers alcohol. It is a good idea to go to places that don’t sell any kind of alcohol. Try to get some hobbies to fill your free time. Try to identify the times you usually drink in a day and fill that time with these hobbies. Try to minimize the temptation. Try to get rid of the alcohol at home or lock it somewhere you cannot reach.

5. Strengthen your mind
If you find controlling your temptations difficult, then try to strengthen your mind. Do meditation and get control of your impulses. Work on your mind, It will help you control your temptations and also make the process of quitting easier and less painful. It will also help you control whenever you will be alone.

6. Quitting is a slow process
Quitting alcohol is not something that is achieved in a day. It can take around 6 months to 2 years. You cannot just quit alcohol in a day. You have to reduce consumption slowly. Limiting the number of drinks you consume in a day then drinking once in 2 days and so on. It has to slow down gradually because if you try to do it fast you will find yourself drinking again in no time.

7. Reward your progress
Set up milestones and targets for yourself and reward yourself for achieving those targets. It will encourage you more and help you on your road to quitting. Don’t be too hard on yourself and get a reward from time to time. One way is to save the money you would usually spend on alcohol and treat yourself with the money you saved. Buy yourself something every time you managed to achieve your target. You will be surprised by how much you saved by not drinking. This will have a positive effect on your mind.

8. Get Rid of Alcohol from your Home
Having access to alcohol in your home will result in you slipping up and getting a drink every once In a while. Getting rid of it can help you reduce drinking.

9. Stop hanging out with Drinkaholics
Having a good peer is always important if you want to quit drinking. Sitting with people who drink will result in you slipping up from your target. Ask your friends and family to avoid Alcohol when they are with you.

10. Keep Yourself Busy
Pick some hobbies, go for a walk, join some activities and keep yourself busy. Having free time will give you an opportunity to doubt yourself and slip up. Keeping yourself busy will result in you not getting time to drink and not time to think about Alcohol.


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