10 Words that will make you sound smarter (but not pretentious)

Words that will make you sound smarter

It is always believed that learning big words and using it, makes you smarter, but this is sadly not true as revealed by a Princeton study in 2012. But grasping a new word, understanding its meaning and using it effectively will definitely make you intelligent. As per the recent studies, there is a strong correlation between increasing your vocabulary and strengthening your brain.

The list is endless but here are 10 words that will make you sound smarter!


Definition: It is a loud irritating mixture of sounds like howling dogs, honking cars, musical instruments or even people etc.

Example: “We entered a jungle and experienced a cacophony of noise”


Definition: its origin is in French that stands for a feeling where you are simultaneously down with boredom and highly irked. It doesn’t account for depression but the feeling that you would be anywhere but here. It’s a bored and an interested state.

Example: “Today’s young are prey to Ennui every now and then”


Definition: It means you are so overcome with your emotions that you are actually shivering.

Sentence: “You doubt my excitement? I am aquiver with it!”


Definition: It is used when a person think she knows the solution but actually is just beating around the bush.

Sentence: “Sir, you think you can solve this, but you are just being a glib”


Definition: It means offence or annoyance.

Sentence: “I understand your publicity, but you needn’t cause so much umbrage”


Definition: It is used when the subject of conversation changes abruptly, without any warning.

Sentence: “Wait what? I was asking you about the Facebook’s recent update and you started talking of the Earth’s demise? That was a weird non-sequitur!”


Definition: its origin is Spanish and it means to leave hurriedly or “let’s go”.

Sentence: “There’s an earthquake! Vamoose man Vamoose!”


Definition: It is defined something which is beyond evil.

Sentence: “The way he treats his employees is just Nefarious”


Definition: Yes, this is actually a word that refers to an activity that pretends to be useful but is a big waste of time.

Sentence: “I swear to Mom, that social gathering was a big Boondoggle”


Definition: It means Moody or unpredictable and can be used for the already infuriated people; as they will never be offended, because of the word’s neutrality.

Sentence: “Honey, you seem a little Capricious today! Whats the matter?”


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