10 years old girl kills self over a petty TV remote fight!- Noida


With the suicide rates burgeoning with the passing years, one more shocking incident has been encountered over a trivial issue of a TV remote fight which is one of the most common sparks for the brawl in the siblings.

It all began when a 10-year-old girl locked herself up in her room following the fight with her 12-year-old sibling on Tuesday in Noida sector 12. Both the parents had been out for their regular work, leaving only their grandmother at home. When the 10-year-old asked for the remote to her sibling, which upon denying, she furiously stomped off to her room, where she locked herself.

It was when her sister tried to enter the room, she found it locked and then summoned her grandmother who pushed open the door to see the horrifying scene of their 10-year-old hanging herself with her scarf from a window.

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This immediately led to the gathering of the other kins, who reside in the same building, along with their neighbors who hurriedly made their way to a private hospital, where she was declared dead.

The police stated that it’s a pure case of suicide and as the family members haven’t lodged any complaints regarding some vicious strategy for the same, hence, no FIR has yet been filed. The officer also revealed that the postmortem has been done and all are anxiously waiting for the reports!

She was cited to be a very friendly and amicable kid and this incident has left everyone known shocked!



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