11 Bans in the world that are dead crazy


There are certain bans that raise our eyebrows and leave us stunned. Such bans are baseless and have no ground on which they can be stated to anyone with reasons. Given below are the 11 bans from the world that just sound crazy and make us go round the bend :

1. Chewing Gum in Singapore

The sweet gum that help us kill time, freshen mouth or just a sort of dessert is banned in Singapore for no obvious reasons, of course. We need some time to swallow this very strange ban in Singapore. You will be penalized and have to pay $500 if you are caught chewing gum. Forget spitting on the streets, you cannot so much as buy and sell it. Curious!

2. Ketchup in France

The catsup you savour with your fries and potato wedgies is nowhere seen in the French schools. what a misery for the kids!

3. Kissing in Italy

Do not think of kissing your partner while travelling in the lanes of Italy. It can cost you a bomb and some mishap too.

4. Christening in Denmark

The Danes are supposed to be the embodiment of all the fun and hygge. However, parents cannot settle on a name for their child on their own. A special permission is required from the officials. That really takes the biscuit, gawd!

5. Kinder Joy in the US

Just when you thought you could do just about anything in America, the chocolates in the US were under danger. Yes, head someplace else for the ultimate joy you’re looking for.

6. Blue Denims in North Korea

The preposterous ban in North Korea stuns us all, undoubtedly, the reason being that the colour blue is associated with America. Need we say anything more?

7. Video Games in Greece

This is all Greek to us. Who in his right mind would ban the source of entertainment? Video games have never hurt anyone. But then who gives? Play games and land in a prison.

8. Sodium Cyclamate in the US

The United States of America has also banned an artificial sweetener called sodium cyclamate. Well, for the reasons which at least, we cannot fathom.

9. Joggers in Burundi

If you happen to be fitness lover in Burundi, you need to sit home and relax. You can be put behind bars if you are found donning joggers.  So beware!

10. Peter Rabbit – a story in London

This children’s story was banned for the portrayal of privileged “middle-class rabbits”

11. Small-breasted women in Australian porn

This comes as a major jolt to all the people. They are of the view that it facilitates pedophilia.

All the above mentioned bans are nothing if not absurd and ridiculous. All we can do is cudgel our brains and wonder what’s next.


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