12 benefits of Lemon for your skin and hair


Lemon is a wonder fruit for your skin and hair. It is a warehouse of anti-oxidants that are essential for a healthy glowing skin and natural shine in your hair, from root to tips. Here is a quick guide how lemon helps in restoring and balancing your skin and hair health:

  1. Lemon juice is known for balancing ph levels of your body and making it alkaline. It neutralizes the body cells thus giving your skin a natural glow.
  2. Lemon juice is a natural detox. It helps in cleansing of bowel and purifying blood and renders your skin healthy and glowing.
  3. Lemon is a powerful anti-bacterial agent. A regular consumption can help you get rid of skin problems such as acne and marks.
  4. Lemon is highly recommended for people with oily hair as using lemon on scarp, helps in decreasing secretion of oil from sebaceous glands present in your scarp.
  5. Lemon juice stimulates hair growth. It keeps your hair roots and follicles healthy and promotes growth.
  6. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin c, which is very essential for a radiant skin. It helps in combating age spots and fine lines and gives your skin a youthful glow.
  7. Lemon helps fighting dandruff and dry scarp.
  8. Dark pigmentations can make your face look shabby. Lemon fights pigmentations on your face.
  9. It acts as a natural cleanser and removes dirt and oil around your face. Always apply few drops of lemon juice on your face and neck, before going to bed.
  10. Lemon juice adds life to dry and frizzy hair type.
  11. Mix lemon juice with coconut oil and massage into scarp for smoother and shiny hair
  12. Lemon juice also peps up your skin and makes it softer to touch.


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