14 Reasons you’re Gaining Weight (Other Than Your Diet)

gaining weight

Snaccident: Eating an entire pizza or bag of chips by mistake! LMAO!

We mostly tend to gain those extra flabs by just obviously choking our throats off with those lingering fat laden edibles, but many a times we tend to bulge, without gulping down those extra calories too, oblivious of the reasons crouched behind it!

Well, here are a whopping 14 reasons you are gaining weight, other than your diet!

Night Owl:

The study has time and again proved that staying up till the wee hours of the morning and the lack of sleep has always triggered broader waistlines. Research also shown that lack of sleep escalates your temptations more towards the junk food!

Ignoring the scale:

Study shows that people, who tend to miss the regular scaling of their weights, always carry “Ignorance is bliss” attitude, thus resulting in the weight gain, as they are never aware of their swelling kgs.

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By being stressed, you are slowing your metabolism and increasing the fat in your body. So, always keep up with the deadlines and stay stress-free.


On medication:

Some birth-control pills, steroids, anti-depressants etc. can for sure alter the natural way of the fluid-removal by the body. The side effects of the med-popping could reflect even after a week or fluctuate, depending on the hormonal cycle. Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, elaborates: “As many as 25 percent of people taking certain antidepressants report gaining 10 pounds or more. Plus, some medications may cause food cravings, especially for carbohydrates, and some find that their medication increases their appetite.”

Food- Cure to all:

When you intake food as a coping mechanism to your bad day or mood, you have no idea what you do to your prized possession-Body! Broke up? Stashing ice-cream in your tummy is not the solution! The study has revealed that those who craved for the munchies during their emotional stress are more likely to sag, than the ones who don’t.

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Well, this is for sure the reason behind your weight gain. As soon as you cross 30, your metabolism tends to slow down, pushing your weight upwards. Hence, to stay fit, harmonise cardio and the weight exercises to preserve the body mass and the muscle tissue.

Washing hands with the anti-bacterial soaps:

Well, this sounds crazy, but the study has revealed that your are susceptible to weight gain, if you use a hand sanitizer. One of the anti-bacterial agents added to the soaps is triclosan, a type of “obesogen”- a compound which is responsible for the weight gain, disrupting the body’s harmones. A study found a detectable level of this fattening compound, associated with a 0.9-point increase in body mass index (BMI).

Dozing off too much:

yes, oversleeping can for sure enhance the quality of your skin, but on the other hand, sleeping for more than 10 hours daily, can result in the intellectual working of the brain along with becoming prey to the deadly diseases like obesity, diabetes, depression and chronic inflammation(as your body increases the production of inflammatory factors known as CRP while you sleep).

Addiction to phone:

It’s usually the first thing you check post-sleep and the last thing pre-sleep. The study has shown that the blue light exposure tends to hinder with the natural sleep-enhancing hormone, melatonin and hence, can hinder your sleep, promoting the stress level harmones and metabolism.

Always dressed up:

The research has shown that the people who tend to clad into the comfortable pair of denim jeans are more likely to take 500 more extra steps than the ones who are formally dressed.

Eating in front of T.V:

The findings have shown that while you are preoccupied with watching some series, you can’t hear yourself chewing, which could prevent your body to imbibe the satiety cues that alerts you of being full.

Ill-fit ambience:

Moms are always right. “Surrounding yourself with the smart people makes you smarter”, she would say. Similarly, if your company is lean and a fitness freak, then due to the peer pressure, you automatically tend to regulate your weight.

Sitting all day:

With the access load of the work life, people tend to spend more hours sitting, than moving around. We sit for almost for 20 hours a day, which results in slowing down the metabolism, thus, resulting in the weight gain.

No taking stairs:

Hitting the stairs is a real calorie-burning activity. The research has also revealed that a 150 pound (68 kgs) person can shed upto 6 pounds (2.7 kgs) per year, just by hitting the stairs.


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