15 Delightful Benefits of Green Tea


Fancy a green tea? Yes, great! If no, you need to think again. Green tea has some amazing health benefits which can change your body  apart from filling you with spirits. Here are some of the benefits of green tea :

1. Weight loss

Consumption of green tea helps in shedding kilos and makes you look younger and smarter. It helps in maintaining the metabolism and boosts its rate. It has certain antioxidants which make us slim. Also, it helps in reducing the risk of obesity.

2. Boost Your Productivity

One feels rejuvenated and energetic after having a cup of green tea. So next time you feel tires and lethargic, have a cup of tea. One should rather have it twice a day, at least.

3. Prevents Diabetes

Green tea helps in boosting metabolism and blocks the absorption of glucose. It reduces blood sugar levels and helps in preventing diabetes.

4. Prevents Cancer

Green tea has excellent antioxidants that prevents cancer. The antioxidants act as a shield and help prevent breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

5. Relieves Inflammation

The burning sensation and acidity can be prevented by drinking green tea. Make sure to include green tea in your diet as it helps in treating anti-inflammatory problems.

6. Cures Bad Breath and Dental Problems

There are catechins and compounds  present in green tea which helps in fighting bad breath and helps in curing all the problems related to your mouth. Our mouth contains a lot of bacteria, green tea helps in prevention of plague, tooth decay and cavities. Green tea has antibiotic properties which helps in curing bad breath.

7. Burns Fat

It is a an excellent energy booster and burns body fat to a great extent. The catechins in green tea burn fat.

8. Rejuvenates bod

Green tea reinvigorates the body and it leaves it no longer desiccate. Green tea contains bio active compounds which helps in protecting body at a molecular and cellular level from being damaged.

9. Fights flu

Due to the presence of antigens, green tea is a flu fighter. If you are aregular drinker of green tea, you will naturally build up your immunity against flu.

10. Long Life

There is no denying the fact that death is inevitable. It is something we cannot avoid, however, people who drink green tea apparently live longer than the ones who don’t.  They are at a lower risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer, therefore, live a long life, relatively.

11. Boosts Immune System

Green tea sure boosts our immunity system which helps us fight various allergies and common cold and cough.

12. Reduces Cardiovascular Disease

Green tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by increasing the antioxidant capability of the blood.

13. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzhheimer’s disease can result in dementia. there is loss in memory and difficulty in thinking abilities as a result. Green tea contains certain compounds that shield the brain when you age. It helps in stimulating the growth of brain and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s.

14. Keeps One Hydrated

Green tea has benefits like water. It helps in keeping you hydrated and you do not feel dehydrated.

15. Improves Health of Heart

It is related with lower heart disease risk.  Drinking three-four cups green tea regularly can reduce the risk of heart strokes and attacks. The health of our heart is at risk when we age because the arteries get clogged due to the amount of fat and cholesterol. Green tea helps in clearing the passage for arteries as green tea prevents the thickening of arteries.

These are some delightful benefits of green tea which would do wonders to your body and life.


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