15 Embarrassing things that you happen to do in Public


There’s a saying that we actually never grow up but just learn to behave wisely in public but sometimes chalking up to the fact “to err is human”, we blissfully put ourselves in a mortifying situation, thus facing the public embarrassment!

To burp, to fart, to stumble while walking or to gleefully align the undergarment or itch at some of our private body parts is never a concern when done around your hearty knowns but is sure to turn eyes when witnessed in public, leaving you really humiliated.

So, here is a list of 15 things that you happen to do in public:

  1. Singing out unflinchingly loud in a public place, with the headphones glued to your ears.
  2. Burping or Farting out loud with a relief but with all the surrounding eyes glaring at you.
  3. Checking out at your reflection in the mirror while passing by, with the people, on the other hand, sharing their moment of laugh at your reactions!
  4. Reacting to someone, thinking they might be talking to you or waving at you!
  5. Accidently spitting out while talking.
  6. Caught while talking to yourself, which is a very frequent action.
  7. Walking into the washroom when someone’s already in it is a huge embarrassment. I mean who wants to get caught without pants! Right?
  8. Blissfully strolling around with your flyer open!
  9. When you are sweating out like crazies with those wet spots forming various patterns on your dress!
  10. When you are gaily sneaking a peek at your crush or someone cute and oops! You get caught!
  11. Stumbling or tripping on one’s foot while walking and sometimes landing on the floor with a thud with the people watching at you doing acrobatics!
  12. Texting your lovey-dovey boyfriend and accidently end up sending it to the wrong person! Oops!
  13. Adressing your teacher or your boss by “mom” or “dad”.
  14. Walking around with your top or botton inside out! I mean Whoops!
  15. Not able to recollect the name of the person you have met so many times and he is just standing  at your face!


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