15 Facts About North-East India


Northeast India is a storehouse of many things which are not known to people. There is more to Northeast India than jaw-droppingly beautiful views and the bracing hills that becomes the hot attraction for the tourists from around the world.

Given below are the 15 facts about Northeast you might be unaware about :

1. Mawsynram is the wettest place on Earth according to Guinness Book of World Records. It is a village in Meghalaya state in North-east India.

2. Shillong, also known Scotland of the East, is known for its cleanliness. A village by thename of Mawlynnong is the cleanest village in India. Known for its clean surroundings, it is major provenance of inspiration for all the urban destinations in the country.

3. Well, a big shout out for North-east on this one. There is no dowry culture in the entire North-east which makes it all the more special and extraordinary. Every state should follow in the steps of North-east in this case, at least.

4. North-East is a beautiful tourist destination. It is covered by hills, bracing mountains and spectacular views. The hilly terrains add to its beauty.

5. Both the world’s largest and smallest river islands are situated in North-East. Majuli in Assam is declared the largest river island. It is situated in Brahmaputra river. The smallest river island is Umananda which lies in the midst of river Brahmaputra. It is named Peacock Island for its shape by the British.

6. North-east is a concoction of various cultures. One can see a melange of Tibetan, East Indian culture and South-East Asian culture in the North-east. Around 220 languages are spoken in the North-eastern states in India. What a melting pot!

7. Digboi, a town in Assam is known as the Oil City of Assam. Established in 1901, it is the world’s oldest oil field. It got its name from the Britishers as they used to tell the labourers “dig-boy-dig.”

8. North-eastern states are not behind even when it comes to literacy. Tripura and Mizoram have been among the most literate states in the country.

9. The northeast’s border is shared with four countries, namely, China, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

10. North east is the only part of the country where Mughal emperors failed to occupy during their reign.

11. North East is known for its orchids. You will find around round 70% of the world’s orchids here. International Flower Festival is celebrated annually in Sikkim which features over 600 species of orchids. A beautiful floral affair, isn’t it?

12. Assam is the only state in India that produces three indigenous silks- golden Muga, white Pat and Eri silk.

13. North -east is home to seven of the major national parks like Kaziranga, Nameri and Manas. It is known for its biodiversity.

14. One-horned rhino is found exclusively in the North-east. They are also called great Indian rhinoceros.

15. The cuppa that we savour comes from the largest tea producing state Assam in North-east. Assam and Southern China, known for their tea, are the only regions in the world with native tea plants.

The different and beautiful things is what makes Northeast a potpourri of various things be it festivals, hills, tea, flowers or parks. Northeast India is unique in its own way.



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