15 Reasons why Hostel life is the best phase of our lives


Beyond the Beds and Books, the hostel life grew!

One of the most ravishing, heart melting memories of our lives revolve around the corridors, balconies and those cozy little rooms of our sole abode during our college lives- Our beloved Hostel!

From the Mess ka khaana to the Warden Ki daant, every little- stashed memory has a special place in all our hearts.

Here is a list of 15 Reasons as to why the Hostel life is the best phase of our lives!

1. During the cricket/football match, we have our own stadium, brimming with our special audience i.e. the common room, leaving us with the impression of being in the real one! D best stadium of course!

2. We can search anything anytime in our filthy, untidy rooms with utter ease! Hats off! To our management skills!

3. You learn to eat dinner on time in the hostel as there will be matar paneer at 8 pm, matar at 9 pm and just gravy, post that! Lol!

Eating the hostel food has made our immune system really strong as we can pretty much digest anything now! – Umm… Stones? Maybe! Lol!

4. The long night group studying during the exams, with a little cracks of jokes every, now and then is bliss. Believe me! I never found myself facing any mental stress during my exams! Thanks to my clique!

5. The other friends from our varied respective clans, apart from the hostlers have always been welcomed and have stayed there too, irrespective of the pushing and cramming to get the extra space on the bed at night! One bed-six people! And with immense ease! Whoa!

6. We have a Jugaad of everything under the sun! Hungry? Boiler seized by the warden? Don’t worry you can always cook on the self-made support flames or with the help of the steam in your bucket!!

7. The lip-smacking, yummy Maggi at 3 a.m and the pushing and pulling to eat the last morsel! This is one hell of a memory!

8. Upset? Well, shopping is never the solution but a thadi ki chai-sutta, with utter nonsense blabbering of your bunch, definitely is! The friends are the most amazing stress busters, regardless of the situation! Agreed!

9. We never mind making a fool out of ourselves ever! Been there done that and guess what! It feels really good, as you learn to laugh at yourself too!

10. We have those hilarious nicknames for everyone from the mess waale bhaiiya to the guards and wardens; including some students and oh! Yes! You! – aren’t ever spared!

11. Hostels are undoubtedly the perfect place to experience one of the best birthdays ever. Be it the GPL or the enticing decorations, the special cake-facial to the gifts, our friends looting us for the treats to the strangers demanding one! It’s a day of utter chaos wrapped with sweet nectar!

12. The late-night TV series or a movie on the woofers definitely transforms the room into one hell of a theatre and of course, one bed-five to six people! No problem! Watching Horror movies is one of the best experiences!

13. Playing pranks is one of our most favorite pastimes, be it on the warden, the guard, senior, junior, and most importantly on you!

14. Living in the hostel is always a boon, as we learn to be independent and imbibe a sudden quality of being tolerant towards anything that might befall! Ready for life! Woohoo!

15. Time to leave? Well, very very disheartening! But thanks for the best friends for life with the most enchanting memories and o f course one of the best lessons to have learned about life!

“Life is an adventure! And so is the life in the hostel!”


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