FIRST SALARY EVER: So, the long wait is over now andher *HARDWORK* has paid off (finally). She has received the divine text “your salary has been credited”.

FIRSTS are always special. Isn’t it? It’s a proud and copasetic moment.Her friends are waiting for a “treat” and even she wants to give them a grand PARTY. Still she’s not thinking about that new Caprese handbag, may be on next salary!

If someone drops heranemail, it is certain that TODAY she’ll definitely reply. Because, everything changes tonight, it’s never gonna be the same. Even if her first salary is LOW, she’sgonna be on TOP of the world.

And why she shouldn’t be? Being a girl (sighs), she had a point to prove to others and more importantly, to herself that “She has made it”.

So, here are the 15 thoughts that girls have when they get their first salary:

Thank her parents

They took care of her for decades. They saved on their basics, so they could buy her luxuries. While no amount of money can repay her parents’ efforts for her, she knows that a few meaningful gestures and thoughtful gifts can surely bring a smile to their face.

When it comes to first salary, it’s family first.

Pamper herself

So, she has been busy grappling with a new job that she forgot to give herself the tender loving care she needed to. So, she wants to get a nice spa massage, a facial or simply to binge on some ice cream. A little indulgence can be forgiven.

The GROWN UP Feeling

She now thinks that she’s a woman now. Every adult is supposed to earn and as she gets her first salary, she thinks in her head “This is what adulthood feels like”.

Buying a new dress or heels or

She has that one store where she always went and looked lustfully at the glitzy products and thought to herself “Once I start earning, I’m coming here”. That moment is here. She has worked hard and she deserves herself a little treat.

Clearing off dues and debts

In these happy moments, somewhere at the back of her head, she knows that mobile bill is unpaid, the room rent is still due and so on. She is aware of the fact that it’s her responsibility from now on. No more early transfers from parents.


Let’s confess. In one of her wild imaginations, she had thought of getting that expensive tattoo from the best artist. Now is the good time. It will also help serve as a souvenir for this big moment of her life.

Helping someone

She is a good girl (or a generous woman, now). She knows there is a big unfortunate section of the society that can’t have FIRST SALARY or any salary. So, she’s thinking of a cause close to her and donate an amount that she can afford.

Gym Membership

Let’s confess again. She was always on a diet. A diet that allowed her cheat meals, daily, every month, every year. Now, she knows it’s high time to let go of that special diet and become serious about fitness.

Taking younger siblings for a treat

They are her world, her “Partners in crime”. They deserve equal share in every award she gets. So, she wants to treat them, specially. A visit to an amusement park is on her mind, but she wants little ones to choose the place.

Gifts for Mother

Moms are special and they deserve even more special treatment. She knows the favorite shop of her mother and she wants to buy that expensive Saree for her mother.

Taking friends for a Grand Party

Finally, the day has come when she wants to throw a party even before her friends ask for it. She has waited for so long and her friends have waited even longer.

Tax Reductions

‘What? I completely forgot that they’ll deduct tax from my salary.’ She cries in her head. Why does the government need her money, she thinks (cries in her head again).

Saving Money

She wants to invest and save money. She is now independent woman. But wait, “No no! I’m too young to worry about saving money. I’ll do it in a few years”, she thinks. “May be I’m not as independent as I thought”.

Less Salary, much work

“It’s fine, it is the first salary but is this it?” She cries in her head. “Is this what I worked for all month?”

Next salary is already coming

So what if she spent the entire first? She knows for a fact that her next salary is just 30 days away.


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