20 Habits to let go in order to be a high-spirited soul in 30s


We are all aware that 20s are the risk-taking years of one’s life, where you can try pursuing and engaging yourself in varied things aka it’s the age of hard work, exploration, and hustling!

Well accepted! But, there are other factors hitched to it as well, that is the susceptibility to adhere to the negative habits that you think are normal and cool, but as you also know that everything comes with a price and the compensation to all your knitting of the “not be done” habits will bound you to shell out excessively, if not curbed at the right time!

So, here is a list of 20 foul habits that one should let go in order to be a high-spirited soul in your 30s

1.    Your parents are your only cherished possessions, either you accept it or not. So, please stop taking them for granted. Better to start off than to live with the helpless guilt in the future as you know, they are slowly moving towards their Grey age! SAD!

2.    Holding onto a bad relationship just because of sheer attachment or because you do not want to be alone is a very bad idea! Remember- Life doesn’t stop by the entry or exit of anyone, it goes on irrespective of the circumstances!

3.    Quit Smoking and the consumption of tobacco – No don’t think, just do it!


4.    Stop being blissful by making the airy plans of hitting the gym, rather follow the tagline of Nike- “Just Do It!” , as sometimes it really helps to give the quintessential pain to your lazy butt to move into action and break a sweat!

5.    Stop compromising your sleeping hours- 6 hours is a must to avoid any future health issues!


6.    “No, I will not be able to make it to Manali”- No, No, No! Just stop being a spoilsport when it comes to wanderlust! Travel as much as you can, until you can!

7.    Stop your exuberant dreams to fly out of the window and into the thin air. When you have the guts to dream it, you can also attain it! Remember- Nothing is I-M-POSSIBLE and believe in yourself!

8.    Junk food!- A big No! Yes, you can definitely savor it at times, but gorging up the “fat-ladened unhealthy” meal with a watery mouth at every point of hour will leave you with nothing but only being a “Couch Potato”  in your 30s!

9.    Just stop pestering yourself for the things which aren’t in your control. If you can’t control people, then learn to poise your reactions to them and if you can’t help a situation, then prepare yourself to face it!

10.    Stop investing your time in the worthless online dating. Yes, have amazing hookups, but do not overly plunge into these, else, get ready for the consequences later!

11.    Stop waiting for the “real happening life” to start as the exact time will never knock at your door. You have to live it up, while dealing with the life’s challenges , going hand in hand!

12.    Stop blaming others or criticising over petty things. Remember- Everything that’s happening with you is not without your consent, so rather than being hell sick by pointing out at others, work on yourself!

13.    Stop doing the things at the nick of the time as that becomes a habit and you may have to pay heavily for the same in the future.

14.    Stop shelling out all your money like you are some billionaire and invest your time and energy into saving a little of it for the future.

15.    Stop treating the people who are good to you like trash. Good friends or rather good people are very hard to find , so if you find them, then certainly treasure trove them!

16.    Do not waste your precious time lazying around and watching junk on TV, rather start developing a habit to read good and motivational books by the renowned authors. They will really add to be a boon to your personality in the future.

17.    Just stop popping up medicines for every little sneeze that you have! Its a big no! Learn to face the adverse situations in life as planking down yourself into an unfavorable condition will leave you with loads of experience and will make you more strong!

18.    Fear to take a deep dive? Well, don’t be! If you never let yourself out of your comfort zone, how the heck will you  ever discover what are you capable of achieveing! So, always be ready to take the risks in your 20s.

19.    Yes, Work is worship but please stop overburdening yourself with it and revel in the goodness of life as well, by relishing the adventures it offers and 20s is the apt time for it!

20.    Just stop overthinking and live in the present! What has to happen, will happen, irrespective of your throwing yourself on pins and needles! Do what is ought to be done, be prepared and shove it in the corner! *Smile*



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