280 words Tweet, Now, no need to Write-Edit-Delete

280 words Tweet

280 words Tweet: I am so much happy about the first bullet train, as now I can dream about a developed nation……

Exited to hear about the first bullet train launched, it’s being a dream comes true……

Congrats nation, enjoy bullet train.

Twitter is a platform where you rarely find useless stuff; people from celebs to high-class society with no time to handle their social accounts prefer twitter for being socially connected.

Fitting thoughts into limited words is not an easy task but it is an interesting task indeed.

It is quite tricky to express yourself into word limit. The compressed word limit was twitter’s trademark.

Wondering that why twitter did this change?

After analysis, it has been observed that people tweeting in the English language require more words to express their thoughts as compared to people using other languages viz. Japanese, Chinese, Korean. It is a game of character per thought.

In some languages, you require fewer characters to express your thoughts whereas in another language you require more.

It has been observed that an English language user sometimes gets frustrated with a character limit.

The second major reason is the slow rate of reach. Facebook relatively attain more ads as compared to their competitors. The more users you have the more revenue you generate.

You might have heard about your friends and colleges talking about tweets, the first thing that draws closer into your mind is “Tweets run into the character limit”.

When we work on a mass population, change is sometimes risky or unacceptable, that’s why this extended limit of 140 words to 280 words is applicable to selected groups. After reviews, this limit might be extended to worldwide users also.

Twitter also observed that few progressive users strung their isolated, anxious thoughts into extended and panicked manifestos by linking them together into “threads.” This change was predictable because few critics suggested that word limit is a core product of Twitter which is freaking-out the users. Tweeters require more space as they use to link up the matter into threads.

Hence, here is the result, Wordy tweets will persuade users to attach footnotes and freedom of expression from size Small to size Large.


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