3 Most Common Reasons People Are Unhappy

3 Most Common Reasons People Are Unhappy
3 Most Common Reasons People Are Unhappy

I’m holding on

why is everything so heavy?

Holding on

So much more than I can carry

I keep dragging around what’s bringing me down

If I just let go, I’d be set free”

Remember these lyrics of the song “heavy”, by one of the most popular singers, Linkin Park. This was the last song he wrote, before quitting!

It is believed that he has been in a depression for a very long time and finally gave up! – UNHAPPINESS – THE REASON WHICH LED TO THE CAUSE!

Unhappiness is a very perilous emotion that may be a caused due to various reasons, leading one into depression and worse, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES at times!

It might be the cause of various reasons, few of them of which are under:


This is one of the reasons which might lead you to unhappiness. If you are not happy, content or satisfied with your work, living it like a burden on your shoulders, just for an income, then it won’t take you long, being agitated by the job and hence, the reason for disappointment striking you!

You must always opt for the work-life of your choice, in order to enjoy it rather than seeming to have ladened with it forcibly. This is because it sucks out a lot of your time and energy, so it must be for the good!


This is also one of the reasons for the unhappiness. It happens when you need someone to lean on, to just listen to you. This is the time when only the physical presence does wonder to the victim’s mind. You must never ever be isolated in your times of agony as it makes the matter worse and thus, might even result into some unwanted happenings too. It can happen due to any incidence: break up, loss of an important person from life, failing to succeed, not feeling loved etc.

Do not ever let a depressed person be alone at any point of time, who knows you might just end up saving someone’s life!


Low self-esteem can make a person risk anything in his life. It may arise due to constant nudging, teasing, failing etc. This factor can take anyone to the darker side, if not dealt properly and with utter care and importance. Rather than being pulled by it, learn how to get better by learning where you lag behind and thus by working towards it!

Have you watched “13 Reasons why” series by Jay Asher, it’s a story of a high school teenager of America, who ends up her life due to Unhappiness! This show was purposefully made, to depict the actual life of the high school in there. The life there is very susceptible to depression, if not taken positively!

I have used the word HEAVY, to highlight the impact of weight on your hearts by being in that position!

I have myself being in depression some months ago, yet, I have survived! You too will! All you got to do is take precautionary solutions’ and most importantly fight back!

Next time, you face something out of your control, just laugh out loud, tighten up your sock and deal with it!! Once you are over it, you will realize it was nothing! TRUST ME!


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