4 reasons why Ghaffar market is on every Delhites must visit list


4 reasons why Ghaffar market is on every Delhites must visit list

Love bargaining? Pull your socks up. Ghaffar market is a must-visit place for all the shoppers who love to bargain. The market has a plethora of shops selling good quality products which are in your budget. From tech to clothes, Ghaffar is known for its wide range of products, such as tech products like cameras, phones, speakers, etc, to wedding shopping like lehengas, sarees, sherwanis, and what not!

Ghaffar market is also extremely popular by its street name Grey market. China made goods are also available in the market at throwaway prices across the streets. Let’s know why visiting Gaffar market should be on every Delhite’s bucket list:

  1. This market provides very cheap solutions to all the technological problems

You can get hundreds of thousands of options in the market to choose from when it comes to technical solutions and availabilities. Selling cheap products is the USP of the market, so if you are planning to buy an iPhone, you can get it here at a price as low as Rs 10000. No kidding! The small shops, however, sell some second-hand products as well, in the name of first-hand products, which only have a guarantee period of maximum one year. Nevertheless, you can also buy products from some of the big brand stores here, which offer first hand products at heavy discounted rates. Ghaffar is a hit amongst the masses for selling goods like there’s no stopping now!


  1. The market is modern and ahead of its time

You can literally find everything here, like Play Stations, video games, mobile phones, cameras and other technical gadgets, even before their actual launch in the market segment. We do not know where do they come from! Hundreds of shops here sell imported stuff and yet we do not know where the products are imported from. You can ask a shopkeeper to order a product from another destination, reorder a product. Mind you, do not ask them questions like why, how and when! They will do the deed if you are not intruding into their business. Therefore, the market has umpteen gadgets way before their actual entry into the industry.


  1. Do not ask for a receipt

Remember, if you do not ask for a bill, you can easily get all the goods at discount rates as high as 50%. And for that, you also must stop caring about the guarantee and warranty of a product. The No Bill No Cry policy must be followed to grab the best deals in the market. However, No Bill No Cry policy also demands that the shop is not liable to replace any product in case it gets damaged or needs repair. It is a risky shopping in these terms.


  1. The market has cheap imported ware

Love buying clothes at literally throwaway prices? Head over to Ghaffar! It is very popular amongst college students and youngsters because of the cheap shopping stalls. Garments in the market are imported from China and Thailand. The shopkeepers here are stern believers of the fact that their products are even better than the international quality brands. So the next time you are heading to Ghaffar, buy some jewelry, clothes and accessories for as low as Rs 500.



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