5 Power foods for Toddlers


Toddlers from the age of  1 or 2 begin consuming above their only source of nutrition, that is breastmilk. So, it is really essential for the caretakers to imbibe and develop the taste of nutrition in them in order to give them a healthy diet!

The toddler age is brimming with the urge to experiment, discover and traverse through the varied food textures, colors,  tastes and flavors.So, make the most of these initial years to inculcate the essential zest of the essential nutrients in them!

Here are five power foods that all the kids require in order to attain a healthy mind and body!


This is one of the most vital nutritious diets for any toddler.Milk is the most significant of all which consists of Calcium and Vitamin D, that enhances the strength of the bones. Most kids under the age of 2 must intake whole milk for its normal growth and if the kid has a family history of obesity then it is recommended to switch to a low-fat milk after the age of two.

The other sources of calcium include:

·        Cheese

·        Yogurt

·        soy milk

·        Cereals (particularly made for babies)

Vitamin E

Almost 80 percent of the kids are devoid of the Vitamin E and it is a really essential portion of consumption as it acts as an antioxidant and helps in sheathing the cells from the damage.It also helps in enhancing the immune system and regulates the body to fight the germs. It also helps in keeping the blood vessels open for a better flow of the blood through the body!

Finest sources include:

·        Peanut butter

·        Nuts

·        Sunflower seed butter

·        Almond butter or roasted almonds

·        Spinach

·        Tomato sauce

·        Kiwi,Mango

The quantity of the offerings should be really petty as your toddler’s tummy is very tiny and in case your child is really small, you can simply crush the nuts or fruits and include them in the milk for your child.

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Although fiber is never digested yet it is one of the most essentials for the baby as it makes them full and keeps their bowels regular.Besides, it also protects them from various other chronic diseases in the coming future.It is recommended to offer a petty 10-25 grams of fiber to the kids on the daily basis.

Finest Sources include:

·        Apples

·        Oatmeal

·        Banana

·        Whole-grain bread/pasta/Chapatis

·        Sweet potatoes

·        Green peas

·        Chickpeas

·        Chia seeds


Less than 60 percent of the kids have potassium in their diet as they mostly just nudge away from nutritious fruits and vegetables. It is a key to help in maintaining an excellent fluid equity in the body as well as in regulating the blood pressure and the muscle contraction in the body.It is also known to decrease the risk of kidney stones and also helps in the prevention of the loss of bones as they age!

Finest sources include:

  White and sweet potatoes

·           Milk

·        Yogurt

·        Dried apricots

·        Honeydew

·        Tomatoes and Tomato sauce

·        Oranges and Orange juice

·        Fish(Halibut and cod)

·        Nuts and seeds

·        Spinach, Papayas, Melons, Bananas

·        Deep yellow vegetables


Remember “Popeye, the sailor man!”  The kids of 90’s, however, took an optimum amount of iron in the form of spinach by watching this cartoon. But, today it is a real pain to feed your kids with the iron ladened quantities.Almost 20 percent kids under the age of 1 to 3 are Iron deficit.Iron helps in the proper regulation and the blood flow within the cells helps in the prevention of the chronic diseases and plays a vital role in the brain development as well.Studies have also proven some learning and behavioral problems in the kids due to the iron deficiency.

Finest sources include:

·        Chickpeas

·        Beans

·        Tomato sauce

·        Raisins

·        Whole wheat bread/Chapati

·         Soy nuts

·        Dark green veggies

·        Pulses

·        Chopped nuts and Dried fruits like Apricots, figs, prunes, and sultanas

However, the intake of iron is only beneficial if your toddler’s body is capable of absorbing it, for this, you can always give him Vitamin C rich nutrient possessing servings of:

·        Oranges, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and kiwi fruit.

·        Tomatoes and red or green bell peppers.

·        Dark green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, and spinach.

·        White Potatoes and sweet potatoes.


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