5 prints which are ‘Evergreen’!

5 evergreen prints-floral

5 prints which are ‘evergreen’!

Fashion trends are unpredictable. Today’s trend can become tomorrow’s faux pas! Having said this, here is the list of 5 prints which can never go out of vogue and you can purchase them anytime of the year, without worrying about future fads:

1) Floral: Fashion’s ongoing love affair with floral prints is well-known thing! Be it dresses, shirts, skirts, tees, shoes and even sunglasses, everything is widely available in garden theme! There is no particular season for buying flower studded cloths and accessories as be it fall or winter collection of top fashion brands, you’ll always get to see a decent variety of floral print clothes.

5 evergreen prints-floral

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2) Stripes: this print is a runway favorite of almost every designer. You cannot help but put your heart at striped cloths, be it monochromes or rainbow colors! The print is widely popular in long jumpsuits and collar shirts and comes in vertical, horizontal as well as asymmetric formats.

5 evergreen prints-strips

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3) Polka dots: this retro print is loved by every woman profoundly! This is the print our mothers use to drape us in when we were 6, and at 12, we use to have polka printed coffee mugs. At 16, we wanted to own a polka dotted backless gown and at 24, there is at least one dotted handbag in our wardrobes! You cannot get bored of this classy print. Not anytime soon!

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4) Animal prints: animal prints as a fashion trend keeps on going and coming back. The print, quite exotic and sexy, is suited for almost every occasion, be it a birthday party or a Sunday hangout, date night or even over pyjama parties at your best friend’s place! Also, what makes this print different is that women are now incorporating these prints into their wardrobes, very creatively. Like carrying a pair of leopard printed button earrings with a little black dress can work wonders on your overall look!

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5) Check prints: check prints made their debut in our lives when were school kids! Our uniform used to be our daily apparel back then and how we love to carry check pleated skirts and brockets! Though it is considered a formal print, but lately, top fashion designers like Elie Saab made this print, a part of their latest collection.

5 evergreen prints-check prints                            Image Source: Google



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