5 Simple changes you can make for a healthy you this November


Well why wait for the New Year and make some clingy resolutions, which are even harder to stick to, when you can start off whenever you wish to hail some changes in your life!

We are either imbibed in our work life phase or in our doing-nothing but lazying around phase. Then not alter it a little for our betterment and enjoy the new breeze for a change!

Here are 5 simple changes you can make for a healthy you this November:

Walk more

You must always prefer walking as long as you don’t hit the old age. People who cannot pull out the time from their busy schedule tend to put on weight and become unhealthy, to which walking is to the rescue. When you start walking, you will notice than you are getting used to the sweat and this tiny workout, which may trigger you to hit for the bigger one later on, which is really healthy!

Try a diet-based-meal delivery service

The meal-delivery service is already at the perks across the world. So, rather than ordering some pizza or fried rice or chicken or other fatty carbs-laden dishes, try to switch to the healthier one by either ordering it from the outside or preparing it at home.

Work out outdoors

Rather than hitting the closed gym area, opt for working outdoors like running, walking, playing badminton, football or cricket etc. Take your workout to the fresh air and it will comparatively make you less stressed out too.

Take a break from your phone/PC games/TV

With the advancing time and technology, we have become idiots by being addicted to our phones, various online PC games and of course the TV. Take a break from these and indulge yourself into something productive like cooking, reading a book, dancing, creative drawing etc.

Try healthier versions of food

Well, food is a soul for most of all and I myself being a foodie can feel the out bursting emotion with food. So, if you do not want to switch your dietary chart entirely, then you can also learn the recipes of your favorite junk food online and transform it into a healthy version of it! Like pizza without the house laden with cheese or a homemade pizza of vegetables and a lite-butter etc.!


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