5 Things Parents Should Stop Expecting For Their Children


“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Parenting is undoubtedly a really cumbersome task. Going through a lot of toils from handling emotional dramas and tantrums to racking ones head to understand these miniatures and comprehending their actions, monitoring their moves and Uff! It’s a persistent mental stress until the deaths do you apart!

Yet, despite all the dramas and attention seeking mechanism, here is a list of 5 things that parents should stop expecting for their children!

A flawless report card:

Parents wish the upheaval of their children in the perfection of their report cards, not all children suffice to the demand and few of them are to be persistently guided for their education. Besides, grades aren’t everything and even Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs, didn’t score well in their schools.

Nagging them with your demands:

It is very normal when the kids prefer playing over studying or watching TV over completing the school assignment. Although, you must constantly hamper them towards a positive punctual behavior towards their “mandatory-to-do” things, yet do not expect this change within a night’s time. Sometimes, it’s a natural process.

The endless imitations:

The children have this unique quality of being reactive rather than being responsive towards certain situations. They tend to imitate you, rather than listening to your words. So, if you want them to be punctual, be punctual yourself or if you don’t want them to lie, then you avoid lying at first! Or if you want them to honor their respective partners in the future, then you must respect yours too! This imitation process is a never –ceasing phenomena.

Taking you for granted:

Although thankful of your carrying out the burden of educating them and fulfilling their whatsoever demands just within a wink, they treat it as being the parent’s birthright to nurture their kids well and make them liable and capable to survive in this world. They can for sure take you for granted, flushing your undeterred sacrifices and selflessness into the gutter. It’s better to inculcate the gratitude in them beforehand, rather than expecting it in return in the future.

Fit into your void of discontentment:

You will always be pleased with your neighbor’s son’s or daughter’s attitude or behavior towards certain things and would want the same from your child. However, they will never imbibe your demands for fulfilling the void of your discontentment towards them, due to the difference in their bringing-up ambiance. So, rather than trying to swoosh their behavior with your beloved neighbor’s kid, appreciate the positivity of your children and push them forward.


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