6 Signs you’re in a good shape


6 Signs you’re in a good shape — even if you think you aren’t!

 Haggard by your unfluctuating efforts to stay in that perfect shape, you dream to possess?

 Well, do not stress, if you have been honest and punctual in burning out those extra flabs, by slogging yourself daily!

 Believe me, sometimes you do acquire the laurel of being in a good shape, despite not being in one!

 Here, are the 6 signs to prove that you are in a good shape, even if you are not:

 Heart rate at a perfect sync

 “People who are in great physical shape, have a lower heart rate,” Athlete Nikki Walter, told INSIDER. She also revealed that they have a heart rate pumping more accurately and toughly(stronger beats). The normal heartbeat is approximately around 60-100rpm, which can be scrutinized early in the morning. The heart rate exceeding this value is a sign of heart attack, high blood pressure and many more.

 Equal pace as your fit mates

 If you are able to keep up with the pace of your fit buddies like not panting or getting easily tired while walking, jogging or climbing the stairs with them is an indication that you are in a good shape.

 Faster Recovery time 

Walter acclaims that if your heart beat’s recovery time is really fast after working out, that is, if its pace plunges down to normal at a quick rate, within five minutes or so, then you are definitely in an good shape. You can, however, even check it after every exercise or supervening any physical activity

Persistent workout

 If you are working out constantly and with ease, not necessarily on all the days of the week but at least 150 minutes in a week, following a two-day strength training, as recommended by the experts, then you are definitely on your way to the fitness sail! You can also cut out the time to 75 minutes in a week by indulging into heavy and high-powered intensity workout.

 Carrying the little ones with ease

 Parenting can be a challenging task, especially during the initial days. However, if you are effortlessly running behind your petty ones for the time immemorial, then trust me you are in a good shape. Besides, bearing a 5 to 6 kg baby on your hips or carrying them with ease is never a cake walk and if you are the one performing all these tasks without a hitch, then Mom, you are fit!

 Sound Mental health

 The physical workout is known to have a direct connection with the mental health. It is proven that working out or any kind of physical activity is one of the best ways to woo away anxiety, depression, pessimism and thus, enhance the cognitive functioning of the brain.


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