7 Jewellery Trends That’s Trending in 2017


7 Jewellery Trends That’s Trending in 2017!

Jewellery is every girl’s best friend. The jewellery market fads does not change easily but interestingly, this year, a major shift in this genre of trends has shocked the fashion pundits!

  1. Ear cuffs:- Probably one of the hottest jewellery trend that paved in during 2017 and it is still going strong! Ear cuffs contributes a ton in transforming your looks and goes with almost everything-traditionals, dresses, gowns and even sarees. This fashion accessory came in two different types- pierced and non-pierced.Jwelery-Trends-Ear-cuffs
  2. Choker:-The fashion fad back in 90’s, chokers came back this year with a bang! Tattoo choker, silver choker, gold, glassy, featured chokers are variety from which you can select. Choker jewellery goes with ‘old-school-girl’ look, fitted or high waist jeans, high boots and loose tops.Jwelery-Trends-Choker
  3. Multi layered Necklace:-Once again, multi layered necklaces came back as fashion trend in 2017 and makes us all nostalgic! Such necklace pieces are best suited with plain colors and not prints.Jwelery-Trends-Multi-layered-Necklace
  4. Mid rings:- Love wearing rings? Why settle for just one? Mid rings are ultimate wardrobe adore for women who love wearing multiple rings. This fashion statement slowly gained momentum over the years and now in 2017, this is like one rocking jewellery trend!Jwelery-Trends-Mild-rings
  5. Tassels and pom poms:- This ‘boho’ look earrings got common and famous at the start of the year. This desi fashion jewellery looks colorful and bold and goes well with blacks and whites outfit colors.Jwelery-Trends-Tassel- and- pom- poms
  6. Afghan earrings:- Yet another trend that sets in early this year is oxidized junk looking earrings. The small ‘ghungroos’ forming umbrella at the foot the structure looks graceful like anything!Jwelery-Trends-Afghan- earrings
  7. Body chains: This piece of jewellery is for beach parties and night outs! With minimum side accessories of any type and maximum exposure at tummy and neck, body chains looks ethereal!Jwelery-Trends-Body-chainsLook Trendy!Feel Trendy!




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