7 things only people in long distance relationship will relate to

long distance relationship

“Lets always remember it’s you and I versus the problems not you vs me!”

Love is one of the most astonishing feelings in the world. Just a glimpse of the person you love is enough to set you off in motion. The person you love becomes your strength, your weakness, your complete heart and soul is in fact etched to that one person! You just love to be together, spend more time together and even then never suffice by the other person’s presence. You always want more and more of it!

However,a long-distance relationship is that horrifying nightmare that hails with it a plethora of digital crying, laughing, missing and a constant uncontrollable urge to meet and just be together forever, if you really are in love!

Well, here is  a list of 7 things that people in a long distance will completely relate to!

A HELLO! – Best feeling ever!

A physical-presence hello is one of the best feelings ever when you meet after ages. You just want to hold that person and have one of the most amazing times of your life together.The ecstasy is never resting on you and you just are very excited and happiness has no levels!

A GOODBYE- the toughest note!

Bidding adieu to the person you love is the toughest of all because you just don’t feel like being physically all alone again and that too after spending such a speechless time together, it’s really difficult!The person seems to complete you and now the feeling of desolation strikes you really hard with the ceaseless pain wetting your eyes!

Trusting issues to the vain

You learn to trust the other really well because this is the most you can do to forge that physical distance between you into an intimate one!

Mobile-Your best friend

You are forever glued to your mobile phones whether it be waiting for the text or call or actually talking to that special one. The endless yearning to stay connected is never accomplished because you always want to talk more and more!

Envious of the other couples spotted together

You will always be envious by spotting other couples be it in a party or market or just anywhere. There will always be a sudden urge for the presence of your special one by your side too!

Life becomes one big awaiting time

You are always counting on the days for your next meeting and as the time nears, your dopamine level really hits a high notch!Lol! Although, its one of the best feelings ever!

Ceaseless Gifts exchanging

You will always be brimming with the gifts and so is your loved one because this is the only way to show how much you love each other and want to be with each other!


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