7 Trends of Internet of Things in 2017

7 trends of Internet of Things in 2017
7 trends of Internet of Things in 2017

Internet of things (IoT) refers to the network of physical devices, software or any appliances in connection, with the help of electronics, software, sensors etc, so as to form a net of connectivity among the devices, in order to hold, store and share the data!

With the advent of IoT, the technology has already taken a new phase. As now the aim is to develop a more secure, trusted and capable technology, to make our lives stress free!

“Smart homes and other connected products won’t just be aimed at home life. They’ll also have a major impact on business. And just like any company that blissfully ignored the Internet at the turn of the century, the ones that dismiss the Internet of Things risk getting left behind.” — Jared Newman

IoT has become one of the most important sources of technological advancements. The year, 2017, has witnesses the introduction of IoT to shape the future of business.

It aims to improve the quality, security, productivity and reliability at one face and to reduce costs, risks and thefts at the other face!

Some of the various trends of IoT in 2017 are:

Blend of Blockchain with IoT

IoT will witness the combination of blockchain, with itself in order to improve the reliability, trust, security, productivity and quality of the internet of things. Blockchain is used to keep a check on billions of devices, which are connected to each other through process like transactions, so as to reduce the risk factor of malicious activity such as breaching, hacking, masquerading etc. It includes various cryptographic algorithms, which have to be solved and authenticated, before proceeding. This forms a block of chain, which is connected to the previous result and thus, is irreversible. This creates a secure system, almost impossible to hack or track!

More DDoS Attacks

The Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been an area of terror since a very long time! Now, with the internet of things, and thus increased interconnectivity among the devices, has escalated its risk to many more folds! The recent news, where this attack was infested on almost 1600 websites in United States is just a like our existence in this universe i.e. equivalent to nothing! One source of traffic for the cause is believed to be devices attacked by Mirai Botnet! Just imagine its power in the near future!!

IoT, Artificial Intelligence and containers: Internet of things is believed to be used for the development of new cloud services of improve the existing one. IoT will even be built on micro-services that include building a large application in a modular fashion, each module representing single business goal and the interaction between them occurs with a well determined interface that is used for the interaction between the modules. Containers, which are also called light weight virtualization, would have a say in the above mentioned architecture! Artificial intelligence will be used to hoard the data from the IoT.

IoT and many Mobile Moments

Mobile moments stand for fetching anything you want from the mobile phone just by pulling it out of your pocket! IoT feels everything, not just the data, but also about its time, place and how! Mobile moments like the reminders you set on your phone, rings at the right time, thus letting you do the work, this is slowly also shrinking into the micro moments like waking up when the alarm goes off, notification of when the flight is landing etc. This is not changing the internet, but the things it is connected with!

IoT and Connectivity

Connecting the different parts of the IoT can be done with the help of the connectivity with the Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Li-Fi (light is used as a medium of communication between the parts of the network with sensors) etc. In2017, new inventions of wireless connections like 3GPPs narrowband (NB) – IoT, Lora WAN and Sigfox will be tested! IoT has also been pressurized to develop more than 20 wireless such connectivity protocols.

IoT and Talent Shortage

With the growing IoT projects, the demand of the skilled workers is rising. Many organizations are facing this problem of finding and recruiting proficient workers. It is believed that almost 45% companies fail to find the adept workers and 30% fail to find the digital marketers. This year, it has been decided by the industrial vendors, that proper training and certification will be provided to the workers, so as to make them skilled. A right step towards the future!

IoT and new Business Models

IoT will be used to develop new business models. These new models are determined to satisfy the E-commerce, horizontal markets (markets of computer security), vertical markets (software for the management purpose like in markets, hotels etc) and consumer markets. The model will include various factors like sharing of the cost of the products to the consumers, decreasing the total cost of ownership and making it overall more joyful.


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