7 ways to lose weight when you work for long hours


7 ways to lose weight when you work for long hours

Obesity has become a major problem in everyone today. In the personality conscious world these days, keeping yourself healthy and fit will not only save you from diseases but also help you win hearts in social circuit. A lot of people ensure they have enough time to hit the gym or go for a run. But for those of you who have a tight schedule, these 7 ways to lose weight might just help you reduce those extra kilos.

1)     Try to work out in the morning– This might be hard to follow but it will help you a lot if you get on the right track as morning is the best time to speed up your metabolism through exercises. Late meetings, events in the evening might hamper with your exercise time if you work out in the evening. You will be able to work out every day if you get used working out in the morning.


2)   Eating habits– It is better to eat smaller potions more number of times a day. It is not necessary for you to eat less or eat something different. Eat how much ever of healthy food of small portions.

3)   Walking– Replace your bikes/cars with your own foot or better drive a cycle to cover distances. If you are going a few blocks away to buy grocery, walk. It is the best exercise anyone could ever do. You can always install apps to help you measure how much you have walked and try to increase.

4)   Sleep– Your work out is not complete without proper rest. It is very necessary for one to sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day. It might be hard to get enough sleep, but you have to ensure you sleep enough. Make changes to help you with the same.

5)    Drink sufficient water– Sipping water can fight off fatigue, prevent dehydration and even keeps you away from hunger. Also it will detoxify your body and will make your skin glow.

6)   Stand at your desk– Standing improves your blood sugar level which is a good thing for weight loss. Research also shows that people burn nine calories while standing.

7)    Always use stairs– Stop using the elevators. Try to use the stairwell as much as you can. When you reach your workplace, forget the elevator exits and use the stairs.

After all a healthy mind stays in a healthy body.


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