7 ways sadness can positively impact your health



7 ways sadness can positively impact your health

It is often said that a person who is happy lives long, stays healthy. But as Carl Jung quoted, “The word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” The quote fufills its meaning in all manners by saying that life should be a mixed balance of happiness and sadness together. Well today we will find out how far it is true.

We here are stating rather odd points about how sadness can positively affect your health.

1)   Sadness helps us to be more focused and attentive

Seems weird but it is true as studies one mentioned in Sage Journal suggests that a sad mood helps our mind to relay better the scene we are in since our subconscious mind gets alert. It is believed often that such a state of mind can help adapt to tough situations.

2)  Sadness helps us remember more!

Certainly this turns true for the fact that we clearly remember events that have happened on unfortunate days. You got another way to keep more inside your memory, unfortunate days!

3)  Sadness can help us make judgements easy.

When you are happy making decisions becomes difficult as you are under the influence of many and you need to consider their opinions. But when you are sad you are the least biased and inconsiderate which surprisingly helps you to make the right calls. They are more transparent in their ways of judging others.

4)  Sadness can better relations with others

Sad people tend to be more assertive while interacting and this is what it makes to keep the conversation going. They are better at holding persuasive arguments though!

 5)  Sadness can enhance your social behavior

Yes, here if you are sad it can be better to gain some social company as they are going to be well treated by you. A sad gentleman indeed.

6)  Sadness can motivate you

With sadness in mind at times you can be really motivated to do things you wish you could do. This is the point where you will be inspired to put in efforts by yourself.

7)  Sadness leads way to creativity

No wonder what Aristotle said was so true, “that all men who have attained excellence in philosophy, in poetry, in art and in politics, even Socrates and Plato, had a melancholic habitus; indeed some suffered even from melancholic disease.” Bring out your paint brush or pencil and start working on art may be you might turn into a great painter soon.

By now you must have got a fair idea upon how sadness can benefit you. Till the end it was all about the positive effect of sadness. In terms of creativity, inspiration, behaviour or social reformation we can all prosper with a little of sad or bad mood. But do note that prolonged periods of endless sadness will not be fruitful and can turn out to be depression.

Keep a bit of sadness by your side a little never hurts, does it?



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