8 Amazing health benefits to drink beer


“Oh, this beer here is cold, cold and hop-bitter, no point coming up for air, gulp, till its all–hahhhh.”

Well beer is one of the most adored drinks of the century! It is savored, appreciated, well received and even passionately devoted. The sheer love of a huge mass, along with its magical spell, this drink also hails ample of health benefits! – A passport to gulp it down your throat!

The whopping 8 amazing health benefits to drink beer are:

Good kidney

Small or the hard lumps that are created by the concretion of the salts is present in the gall bladder, known as kidney stones. The limited or medium amount of beer consumptions helps in handling these.

Boosts brain health

The older we get, the slower our brain functions. Hence, a light or medium amount of beer reduces the liability of the psychical decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Healthy Heart

Drinking beer curbs the risk of the heart disease by 30%.Beer is also believed to posses the anti-clotting properties that regulates the blood vessels and keep them tidy, free and healthy. Research has also shown that the people who drank beer daily had lower levels of fibrinogen, which is responsible for the blood clots.

Stronger bones

Beer in a limited or a sufficient quantity is enough to promote healthy bones due to its high silicon content. Silicon in the body helps in triggering the bone-building cells, along with its estrogenic effect, that escalates towards the healthier bones.

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Lowers Cancer risks

Well, beer is very high in the antioxidants and the flavonoids that are responsible for lowering the cancer risks, especially the prostate cancer for men.

High Source of Vitamin B

According to the food research institute, Beer is a high source of vitamin B, which contains double the vitamin B present in the wine. In annex to it, it also contains Vitamin B12 and Folic acid, all which are very essential for a healthy body!

Reduces risk of diabetes

By limiting the consumption of beer, it can also promote the reduction in the risk of diabetes. Harvard research showed that the people who drank beer were less susceptible to diabetes, than the ones who didn’t.

Longer and healthier life

Many researchers have revealed that by in taking a limited amount of beer, it decreases the diseases like stroke, diabetes and many other heart ailments. They have also found out that, the consumption of beer has reduced almost 26,000 deaths per year.


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