9 Natural ways to fight Depression


Today depression is one of the most popular crisis that is befalling upon the people around the world. The irony is, very few people seek for a medical help to relieve themselves off the burden and lead a simpler life!

Depression just diminishes your hope, energy and makes it difficult for someone to feel better. But coming out of depression is not that difficult even though if someone’s depression is severe and stubbornly persistent.

Depression requires various actions to deal with, but merely taking an action at one go like exercising, going out with friends, may seems to be little difficult to implement. The things that help the most are the things that are the most difficult to do.

Initiating with the first step is always the challenge. But doing something right now like dancing to your favorite song, going out, can substantially boost up your energy levels and mood. By doing this you can put yourself in a more comfortable position to take 2nd recovery option like meeting an old friend, prepare yourself a good food etc. Doing this daily may lift up your spirits and soon you will be to see a new you. There are various natural ways to treat depression:

1) Go out: don’t let your depression to isolate and stop connecting with people. You should go out and reach your friends, maintain a healthy social circle, go out with your family. If you don’t have anyone around you, then make new friends. Remember everyone wants to support you.

2) Exercise: It is one of the most powerful depression fighter. It doesn’t mean you have to run marathon or have to do rigorous workouts, it simple means follow the balanced exercise patterns like going out for a walk. Exercise releases happy-good chemicals called endorphins.

3) Eat Healthy: Reduce intake of Caffeine, Alcohol, or other foods that can adversely affects your brain and mood. Study says go for omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid (such as spinach and avocado). There is no magic diet that can eliminate depression, but certainly it can help you fight with it.

4) Never skip a meal: skipping a meal can make you feel irritable and tired.

5) Get enough sleep: Less sleep triggers depression more. Make changes in your lifestyle so that you get enough sleep like remove all distractions form your room like TV, Smartphone, Computer. Make your sleep time and wake up time same for every day.

6) Challenge Negativity: It depends how you think or react to a situation. Depression can be fought by thinking more in a positive manner.

7) Take on Responsibilities: Don’t overburden yourself with the daily work so that it may increase sense of responsibilities and can increase depression. Get Busy with the part time work or volunteer yourself for some work where you need not to burden yourself. Stay free stay blessed and stay happy.

8) Try to have fun: Involve yourself in fun filled activities, the things in which you may find pleasure. In everyone’s life there is something we enjoy doing something, be it anything dancing, cooking food, playing with etc.

9) Meditation: It also helps in curbing depressions. It relaxes your mind, body and soul. Meditation helps you in settling your mind.

Note: These are the Natural ways to fight with depression, Medical treatment of doctors is necessary. Consult your doctor before taking any medicine or adopting any measures to fight with depression.


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