8 Things you might find unsexy but men find really hot

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Can men be anymore meddling?

Everyone believes that women are hard to understand but sometimes, it’s the opposite! Just when you know you have cracked the code of knowing men, there’s a new surprise! Whoa!

Here are 8 things you might find unsexy but men find really hot!

Messy hair


Well, guys simple adore the messy hair! The French women have already believed that emphasizing more on the second hair day, with the rest of the world following them. Yes, guys simply love those flowing mussed hair from the car or local train or window or your post yoga hair and there you were, rushing to wash your hair, before he could see it!



Workout for those extra 15 minutes because he won’t ever complain about the sweat on your body as guys love it. It somewhere compliments with the messy hair. So, the next time you got to hit the bar post workout, work for extra 10-15 minutes to drench yourself in sweat.

Moles and scars


Guys adore those moles and scars on your body and believe that those make you unique. They will always kiss your scars to make you believe to peck the pain that caused the scar! Next time don’t run with that concealer on your scar!

Sports cap


Lol! Guys love seeing that sports cap sloppily placed over your unkempt hair. They love that messy part of you. And here, you were searching for the elegant scarf or stole to pair up with your dress! Surprising rite?

The “I woke up like this” look

Are you the kind, who wakes up, does face and again pretends to go back to sleep with the intention to make him believe that even sleep could not disrupt your beauty and will make him fall in love with you all over again?

Well, then you will be surprised to know that it was all in vain, as the guys are mesmerized by the messy tangled noodles hair, bewildered expression, that you done just post your waking up!

Messy eating


Habit of dropping your food on your dress, pants, table, messing around the ambience? Well then kudos, because you will definitely be attractive to men as men love the women who gulp their food scuzzily.

Independent Women


While many are of the opinion that men love women who are dependent and ask up their opinion and take decisions accordingly, who take permissions from their man to do certain things etc. While the truth is men find the independent women utterly sexy and hawt! Women who stand up for themselves, do their own work, have their individual opinions are the ones who actually attract men.

Baggy jeans

baggy jeans

Although the skinny jeans are in vogue and the markets are brimming with them and men are crazy to see you in them but men also adore and find the girls Cladded in the baggy jeans more sexy and appealing! Maybe due to its cool look!


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