8 Travel tips to save money

8 Travel tips to save money

8 Travel tips to save money

  1. Always book round trip tickets– Booking a round trip ticket is cheaper, always! Try and book the tickets of departure and return simultaneously, so as to get a cost cut on your airfare budget. It also adds to easiness of being booked back home! Isn’t it?
  2. Self cook– Before booking a hotel, always consider if there is a provision for cooking in the room. Hotel food is generally expensive and therefore, self cooking is a great substitute to cut down your trip’s food budget! You can go visit any local grocer and buy the things as per your budget for food.
  3. Ditch guide, go for guide app– Do not fall prey into any local guide’s hand. In the age of technology where we even have an application that reminds us our ovulation cycle, there are bag full of applications available over your handsets that can tell you much more about a particular place than any guide ever able to! Explore a little to dig out the best travel guide application and make best use of it to save those extra bucks you planned to hand over to the guide.Also Read: Things you must consider while Travelling.
  4. Walk around more- Ditch taxi, cab and other paid transport options and go footing over the place you came to vacation at. Explore the place and take beautiful pictures along. If the distance you need to travel is more and beyond your capacity to travel on foot, try searching availability of public transport service. Public transport at any place, is undoubtedly inexpensive and timely available.
  5. Grab group discounts– The tourist attractions are must visit on everybody’s vacation plans. Invariably, it eats up a lot of travel budget. From tickets to shows to exhibitions to special light and sound shows, you pay at every hook! There are places where you get discounts on entry and further subsequent tickets, if you have come in a large group. If you are not travelling in a big group or even if you are travelling alone, converse with people around, make friends, and make sure to grab some good group discounts at the end of the day!
  6. Smart hotel choice– There are hotels and resorts which serve complimentary breakfast on your stay. Make sure to check availability of this service before you check-in. this saves one meal’s worth money and you need to spend on just 2 meals, a day.
  7. Opt for off-season– General prices of commodities and services around any place tend to be lower than normal, during the off peak season. Choose this period to plan your vacation and explore the place at a cheaper price. The fares are also less during this period and pre booking your hotel and flight can further give you a cost cut!
  8. Go for packaged deal: Whether food, drinks, stay or fares- always look for a lump sum deal. You need not spend separately on things plus packages cost you less than taking up services separately.

Hope you’ll save a fortune over your next big trip!


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