9 Inspiring Things People Did When They Were Jobless

9-Inspiring-Things-People-Did-When-They-Were Jobless

Unemployment is a state when people land into a state of misery, discomfort and unhappiness. However, there are some people  who bit the bullet and proved their mettle when they had no work on hand. Following are the nine inspiring things people did during the phase of unemployment :

1. Started Volunteering

Bethany Geschke was an Activity Director but had to taste the phase when she was unemployed. However, she made the most out of that time and volunteered for a team where she taught how to prepare for a disaster. She’s employed now, nevertheless she devotes her time to the Emergency Team and provide them aid.

2. Wrote a book

J.K. Rowling is an epitome of inspiration for all of us. She was fired from her job where she worked as a researcher. She became relatively poor and wrote Harry Potter books which are one of the most read books.

3. Partake in Meditation Retreat

Peter Yang took to meditation while he was unemployed. He was a human resources manager. According to him, he has realized that nothing is permanent.

4. Started a Podcast

The positive streak in Itamar Zur led to the beginning of a podcast. He, along, with is friend started interviewing people with the idea of providing jobs to people instead of landing one. He got admitted into Harvard Business School after the success of podcast.

5. Stand -up Comedy

Julie Bane had a phobia of public speaking but she did not consider this an impediment in her life. She  was a QA Consultant but was fired. She went to various classes to improve herself and partook in various competitions. She still continues to performs at clubs.

6. Learnt Coding

Cristian Rennella was a restaurant manager but taught himself programming free of cast and learnt coding and made full use of his free time.

7. Renovated House

Timothy Weidman used his time wisely and judiciously. He could not pay attention to his home and the affairs while he was at work at a company. The company has to retrench the staff and he had to leave the job. He rebuilt old chairs and spent his time in renovating various things instead of whiling away his time.

8. Became a Carpenter

After a bad and sad phase in films and his unsatisfactory roles in the movies, he switched his career. He learned the art of carpentry in his leisure time. Eventually, he was hired by George Lucas to make and curate his cabinets.

9. Food Blogger

Jack Monroe, a single mother, took to writing a blog. She has quite a following for her food blog.  She packed up a job at a fire brigade switchboard. This was the time she became unemployed but this did not deter her spirits. Started a blog and has a column with The Guardian.

Time doesn’t always remain the same. Unemployment is a bitter phase in one’s life but instead of regretting one must look up to the people who have made it big in dire situations.



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