9 Reasons your female friends are the best you have ever got!

9 reasons your female friends are the best you have ever got!
9 reasons your female friends are the best you have ever got!

Women bonding is one of the most important thing. They connect really deep by sharing everything under the sun be it from the period to the pregnancy. The females have a special way of connecting with each other be it at any level. Thus, having a female friend is always a boon in your life!

Here are 9 reasons for proving that your female friends are the best you have ever got!


You can always talk to them about how much that period hurts and how you keep circling around on your bed. They will always be empathetic and compassionate towards your pain and will care for you too by getting you ice-creams and chocolates.

No Body-Shaming:

They will never body shame you ever. They will always love you for what you really are irrespective of your appearance and dressing. besides, they will always guide you for what to wear and how to wear it the best!


From the sex scenes from the fifty shades of grey to the one in your lives, you can always open up to them about the erotic topics and talk to them for hours together without feeling disgusted or amused and they would do the same too!


During the most frantic emotional breakdown, they are always by your side. They will even stay up till late at night , take you out to relax and calm your mind. They will always be there when you need them the most!

Fuckboys red signals:

Despite the fact that they would not stop you from having fun yet they will always warn you against them and be upright ready to kick some a** at any time of the hour, if anyone makes you sad.


You can always discuss varied fashion trends in vogue be it from the lingerie to the LBD and saaree!!


They will always understand you and your position too in this patriarchal society and will always empathize you, be it whatever the reason and at any grounds!

Pregnancy-kit purchase:

They will even buy you a pregnancy kit or popping pills when you need it and will always be there for you even in your worst situations like unplanned pregnancy, depression etc. They would understand how deeply tense you might be and will make every possible move to make you cheer!

Be mad!-get love!-

They will always love you, no matter how mad and irritatingly you behave with them. You may be hibernating in your PJs, without bathing and combing your hair, lying at a place like a lazy bear. They will still come and give you a tight hug!


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