9 Side effects of drinking beer


9 Side effects of drinking beer

Beer is made by blending of cereal grains like barley and millets with water, and then fermenting the mixture with yeast. The drink is said to be the oldest among alcohols and has some good benefits too for your heart, liver and skin. Therefore, it is said often that ‘A little bit of beer is a divine medicine’! Beer is currently the most widely consumed alcohol around the world and as an alcoholic beverage, it has to have side effects on health and mind state. Read the beer risk that one encounters on heavy consumption of the drink:

  1. The consumption of beer has been linked with weight gain. Regular consumption of beer often leads to ‘beer belly’. A typical bottle of beer accounts for about 150 calories. Its light texture often induces the beer consumer to take in 2-3 bottles a time which makes about 450 calories. Also, consumption of beer leads to increase in appetite and therefore, beer drinker ends up having loads of junk-chips, fries, chicken wings, all at one go!
  2. Beer consumption has been found to attract mosquitoes. This implies that there is a greater risk of life of the beer consumer, as he is more exposed to mosquito borne illness such as malaria, dengue, etc. as compared to any other individual who do not consume beer.
  3. Drinking beer is actually said to be good for heart if consumed in a moderate quantity. But drinking on regular basis can in fact worsen the state of heart and impacts it negatively.
  4. Taking up several glasses of beer in a day can increase your blood pressure level. People already suffering from high blood pressure are advised not to take in consumption at all.
  5. Consuming beer can lead to heartburn. Beer reacts with gastric acid in the stomach and can result in gastro influx which in turn leads to heartburn.
  6. Beer is said to get soaked in by the blood. It is therefore at pregnant women are said to avoid alcohol as it get mix with the milk that baby ingests. Drinking beer also interferes with blood sugar level.
  7. As most of the alcoholic drinks do, taking in beer damages working of your liver. It also contributes to various throat ailments.
  8. While a lot of people argue that drinking beer helps you get clarity over thinking process and increases concentration, beer actually damages your brain cells if taken in on regular basis. On longer run, it might lead to permanent brain damage or serious brain ailments.
  9. Beer often left you dehydrated. It decelerates the working of the central nervous system which leads to situations like dehydrations, fatigue, tiredness hunger pangs and hangover.



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