A Campaign for Dengue Awareness on Auto-Rickshaws, SDMC Report

dengue awareness

Due to the rise in the cases of Dengue, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation bannered 52 auto-rickshaws for raising Dengue Awareness amongst the people for taking the preventive measures. These auto-rickshaws are equipped with public announcement systems; some banners in pictorial forms were also hanged on the autos in a way to get easily understood by the illiterates too. These marked autos broadcasted messages on the prevention of mosquito-breeding in neighbourhoods.

The messages were broadcasted in Hindi to help reach the local population. SDMC officers said these autos will be reaching far-flung areas, unauthorized areas such as Sangam Vihar, slums like Rangpuri, and villages in Mehrauli and Badarpur,

The autos will spread messages on the causes, symptoms and ways to prevent mosquito-breeding and biting. Along with the announcements an anti-malarial staff of the SDMC will also move in the auto, which will help in distributing handbills and templates to people.

These measures are crucial and are the need of an hour when vector-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria and chikungunya have seen a burst in the last one week in Delhi due to the rains.

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A weekly report, prepared by SDMC of the entire city, reported 304 cases of malaria this year, along with 217 cases of dengue and 74 cases of chikungunya by September 23, 2019.  It was observed that there was a decline in a number of malaria and chikungunya cases, but the number of dengue cases is on the rise, compared to last year. In 2018, there were 256 cases of malaria, 343 cases of dengue and 68 cases of chikungunya reported till September 23.

The chairman of SDMC standing committee, Bhupinder Gupta said that people will be advised to make sure there is no mosquito-breeding in their house overhead tanks and containers such as buckets, mugs, cups, coconut shells, etc. and near their surroundings. The anti-malaria staff will also inform them that no trash should be collected on roofs and premises.

South Mayor Sunita Kangra, also said that these announcements should not be taken lightly as there is no treatment for dengue and chikungunya and so we must bring in a behavioural change in ourselves than running for its treatment. The autos were flagged off from Civic Centre, the municipal headquarters, and will be travelling to all 104 wards under SDMC.

The campaign with the support of these autos will move around the city till October 31.

“Prevention Is Better Than Cure”

“SDMC flags off autos for Dengue Awareness”



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