Fitness Band: Is That a Controller of your Body?

Fitness band

With the development of technology, new gadgets are popping up and we are moving into the 21st century. People are trying themselves to camouflage with the upcoming technology and started calling themselves modern. People started becoming the puppets of the modern world, which started very fast after 1970. In a way, people started giving their own remote control into the hands of others.

Whereas, in olden times people had their remote control into their own hands and they were guiding all accessories, according to their own choice.

Anyways, development is the mother of progress. The new developments happen for the better but people start misusing them and finally fall into the hands of side effects. These side effects majorly come across with the health problems. So, it is not bad to get acquainted with the new technology but it is bad to be a parasite on it.

Use things within limits and enjoy the life

Amongst many developments, a fitness band recently came into existence and many people are crazy about it. Now let us understand its worthiness.

A fitness conscious person will go with this tracker and find it the most useful thing. According to him, the fitness band is his personal trainer will keep the complete record of his fitness data. This data would be of a gymnast, weight loss, record of the cross country race, training oneself for a triathlon, etc.

One can track their daily activities and can measure their performance constantly.

Let’s talk about the reasons why one should use a fitness band?

  • Track the progress

Fitness band

If one wants to know its progress on his fitness training project, it is natural. It boosts the motivation levels of a person and then helps in figuring out for the next day. A good fitness band will include tools of a calorie counter, step counter, distance tracker, speed and heart rate monitor. As shown in the chart above.

  • fitness band offer different workout ideas

Some fitness band offers a wide range of trainer profiles to train you with your desired workout intensity level and one can select the desired module which matches with one’s schedule and time.

  • Helps in setting achievable goals

One can set their own realistic goals. Say, if one wants to move from a sedentary lifestyle to complete fitness and sets the target of one month, but this is unrealistic. The fitness band helps one to set and achieve realistic goals within the real time frame. This doesn’t say that one should get demotivated and quit halfway rather shows the real scenario of one’s fitness.

  • Continuous Monitoring of health

Fitness band

A depth study has done on the sleep pattern and researchers have proven that a proper sleep pattern should be implied, most doctors these days are recommending mobile health technology to patients to help in managing their health on their own. They are also recommending the fitness band, for overall daily self-care. This would allow one to follow a healthier diet, exercise more and sleep better. Finally, it can be developed into a good habit

  • Helps to stay motivated

This fitness band keeps most of the people activated and motivated due to active tracking device and allow one to share their progress with friends and create private workout groups with competitive goals.

  • Monitoring the Diet Regularly

Along with fitness diet is also very important which is very well done with the help of a fitness band otherwise it is difficult to calculate manually. People to lose weight start focusing on a protein diet and start cutting the calories and fat diet.  One will be able to track food consumption and the calories one has burnt with the help of a fitness band.

  • The negative side of the fitness band

Fitness band

However, with all these benefits, there is a negative side too with the fitness band.  People have been raising questions on the effectiveness of the technology. Few people found the fitness band producing inaccurate data, which may affect their lifestyle and potentially lead to unnecessary activities.

Fitness band collects data differently; heart rate is used to calculate calories while motion sensors are used to count movement. For heart rate monitoring infrared light penetrates the skin looks for changes in the color of the blood. However, this may not be perfect.

People who are using fitness band daily rely too much on numbers and lose focus and feel on exercises and rely on the device completely to tell whether they are healthy or not.

So, in a way, it is worth using it if one is too much conscious and wants the accuracy inch by inch. The mobile apps will not give you the heart rate and calories burnt data.

Anyways, to keep one fit whatever base is chosen that is acceptable, but one should do the workouts. In my understanding, even if one is not using the fitness band and religiously doing Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation early in the morning for at least one hour will always keep oneself fit. Sports people can do it in the morning and evening.

“Always keep Physical, Mental and Spiritual things aligned and You will be fit and fine”


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