Afraid of Social Media Threats? 7 Tips to Ensure Whatsapp Privacy

Social Media Threats

Hacking has become a common term as most of us have heard of incidents when the account of prominent celebrities and leaders were hacked. Though, we are familiar with the term and are conscious of the Social Media Threats; how many actually thinking of dealing with it? The country does not lack people who feel it is not related to them because they are not influencers, and what would a hacker do with the accounts of middle-class people, and this is what is wrong with your approach.

The idea that you belong to the mass does not ensure your safety because safety is not something that happens on its own, you have to ensure it by taking some steps. There is no shortage of incidents when hackers have attacked the accounts of masses, and recently we encountered an incident when someone stole Re 1 from all bank accounts. Now, when it comes to privacy, the threat becomes even more hazardous because people’s social media has become a weak point.

(Social Media Threats) How to Protect Whatsapp from Hacking?

People nowadays share their private information on social media. The information includes their timings, locations, preferences, and so on. People, who do not have in-depth tech knowledge can also challenge your privacy because you are giving them a chance. Flypped has, therefore, introduced a series where we will focus on specific platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and share some tips to ensure your privacy and security from social media hackers.

This is the first article in the series, and we will talk about WhatsApp, the application which became the top messaging app to connect people and also extends the facility to share media, documents, links, contacts, etc. along with the calling facility. So, with the number of features it provides, it also has some negative aspects, and hacking is on the top. Users, when sharing their personal data on these forget that we cannot trust technology. So, instead of blaming the makers after a mishap, you must take safety measures to avoid technology threats.

  1. Lock Your WhatsApp with a Strong Password

The best way to avoid stealing is to use strong locks, and there is no doubt you need to use an app-locker to lock your app with a password. Whatsapp does not offer such a feature like Facebook, and anyone can access your account if you hand your phone to someone. So, it is better to use third-party app locks. It might be irritating to type the password each time you have to access your account, but it is required when it comes to your privacy and security.

  1. Never forget to Logout of WhatsApp Web

The facility of Whatsapp web ca turn into a curse because it is not only you who can operate your account from your laptop. In a scenario when you scan the QR Code but forget to logout from the computer, then there are chances that someone can access your account by hacking your computer.

  1. Use Two-Factor Authentication

Whatsapp developers understand their responsibility, and that is why they make all efforts to offer the safest social media platform for their users. The new feature for two-factor verification. After enabling the two-step verification, no one would be able to install the app with your phone number without the secret code. The process of enabling two-step authentication is straightforward as you have to go to your Whatsapp security settings.

After that, you would need to move to the Account Setting. Click on the Two-Step-Verification. You can also set your email address for additional security.

  1. Privacy Setting

Major difference between facebook and Whatsapp is that the latter is based on mobile numbers. Unlike Facebook, you can ensure who can see your profile photo, status, or last seen. You only need to move to the privacy settings and select nobody or my contacts in who can see your profile photo option.

  1. Hide Whatsapp Media from Gallery

Whatsapp has a feature that all the images and videos you receive are automatically saved in your phone, and anyone can see them even if you have locked your app. To hide these files from the gallery, you have to go to the File Manager and create a new file with.No media and Reboot your phone to hide the WhatsApp media from your gallery.

  1. Lost your phone? Deactivate your account

Nobody wants to experience such instances, but we can’t change it. The incidents of phone snatching etc. are common in a country like India. So, if you happen to lose your phone, then you must not think twice before deactivating your WhatsApp account. You can do it by sending an email to Whatsapp Support desk and informing them about the situation.

  1. Avoid Scam Messages

Try not to click on the phishing link available in scam messages. Whatsapp keeps informing the users not to believe in scams and forwarded messages, you can’t help but receive these texts. So, what you can do is to report these messages to the Cyber Cell, or Whatsapp support. You can forward these messages and links to them; the company will handle the situation.

This is the very first article with the intention to ensure your safety and privacy from the social media threats and we have tried to suggest the best tips to avoid cybercrimes and hacking incidents. If you have ever faced any incident and wish to share any suggestions then you are welcome to share your reviews in the comment section.


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