The launch of Google Pixel 4 is just around the corner. The company has already leaked how the device will look from the outside. They are finally getting rid of the ugly notch and for the first time, Google will feature a dual-camera setup on their device. Google Pixel will have bezels on the top and bottom this time around.

The main reason behind the bezels is the high-tech hardware they are using this time around. Google Pixel 4 will have a smarter face unlock system. It will be very similar to the technology that Apple is using in its iPhone X. Also, air gestures are coming to the Pixel series this year. This is done with the help of Google’s Soli radar-based motion-sensing chip. This feature will allow the user to skip songs, silent phone, and snooze alarms by just a wave of the hand.

Google Pixel 3 also had the face unlock feature but this time around, there is some complex engineering going on. The bezel on top houses a lot of sensors like two faces unlock IR cameras, front-facing camera, proximity sensor/ambient light, audio port, soli radar chip, face unlock dot projector, and face unlocks flood illuminator.

Google mentioned about these developments in a recent blog post. Also, a television advertisement has been launched featuring a fully functional Soli radar chip. These features will continue to grow and evolve. Soon, you will be able to see a much-refined version of these functions. Motion sense is also set to debut with the Google Pixel 4. However, it will be available in select countries only.

According to Google, the Pixel 4 eliminates the need to hold the phone straight in front of the face like some other devices. As soon as you pick the device, the face unlock feature is engaged and you can start using the phone straight away. The face unlock feature works even if the device is upside down.

In June, Google showed the back panel design, in July, they gave us a sneak peek of the front, and now they have given us a teaser of the great hardware used in the device. The back panel will no longer feature the dual-tone design. The camera module is a square this time around and houses around three cameras. Also, the fingerprint scanner is speculated to be integrated with the power button or under the display.


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