Alert! Sudden Change from Hot To Cold Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Sudden Change from Hot To Cold

What is the first thing you do when you come from outside in a hot sunny day as the temperature in the tropical region can be 30 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius in summer, I am sure you put your air conditioner switch on to cool down. But you know this sudden change in temperature from hot to cold can be Harmful to your Health. We humans are more used to the modern lifestyle we opt for the speedy relief but we forget the complexity which can affect human body in some ways.

Most of the household, office, restaurant, mall and even hospital have installed air conditioner to keep the temperature low to keep ourselves cool. But in this process we forgot the scorching heat which is too high compare to the indoor temperature which leads to the sudden change in temperature that adversely effects the human body.

According to the experts sudden change from hot to cold temperatures seriously effects on people who have a history of cold related disorders,

It may worsen the symptoms. “Extreme change in Temperature” has adverse effect on body as it undergoes a certain amount of stress when it is forced to from a boiling hot environment into an air-conditioned one.

Sudden Change temperature

It dries off your skin, the mucus membrane and the eyes. It may lead to asthma attack, runny noses, muscular pain, flu, pharyngitis, sinusitis, cold, sore throat. “Spending long hours in an air conditioned home or workplace may also cause you to suffer heat intolerance when you go outside Health and fitness.You may feel exhausted when you go outside in heat, dizziness, and headache, difficulty in breathing and even heat stroke” says DrShafeeq.

Usually the temperature at workplace or home are between 18 degree Celsius and 21 degree Celsius, to prevent susceptibility to ailments and to make sure healthy living temperature should be between 23 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius. Make sure to have proper ventilation and some source of fresh air in home and workplaces where people spend their most of the time,

Especially in Hospitals as the improper ventilation may cause infection or effect the immune system of the patients.

A person should try to spend their free time in nature’s care; this may help you to keep your body and your immunity strong and try to avoid sudden change in temperature and can lead healthy life.


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