Amazon and Flipkart Diwali Sales: Top E-Commerce Companies Are Claiming the Highest Sales Ever

Amazon And Flipkart Diwali Sales

Amazon and Flipkart Diwali Sales: The race to become the top e-commerce companies has yet not ended, and both Amazon and Flipkart are planning different strategies and offers to beat each other. They keep on making unique strategies to be the best because they are the top online stores in India. Both these companies are now eying on their Diwali Shopping Sales as the leading e-commerce website will be decided after Diwali, and it is an opportunity for both.

Amazon And Flipkart Diwali Sales: New Initiatives Have Benefitted Them

Amazon and Flipkart had announced to target small cities and towns to increase their sales. They were planning to expand their services to local areas, and both of them have gained benefits from increasing demands of customers belonging to the cities termed as tier II and III. They have discovered that local buyers belonging to these places prefer buying objects such as smartphones and fashion products.

The Diwali sales of Flipkart is named “The Big Billion Days,” and the sale started from Saturday at 8 pm onwards. It was specially designed for Flipkart Plus Customers. Amazon’s sale, on the other hand, is named Amazon India’s Great Indian Festival, and they also opened it on the same day for the prime subscribers. These companies inaugurated their sales at midnights.

Flipkart CEO After The Big Billion Days

After the sale ended, Flipkart has responded that it was extraordinary, and they have got a spectacular response from the local areas. Kalyan Krishnamurthy, the CEO of Flipkart Group said after The Big Billion Days, “We have more than doubled our transaction units, customers from tier II, III cities, which was the biggest focus for us. We believe we are closing the six days (of sales) with 70-75% of the festive market share. New customer growth is 50-60%.”

He also mentioned the initiatives which they adopted to expand their reach and said it was due to the Hindi interface as well as the affordable prices they offer to their buyers. He added, “Whether it is the uptake of the Hindi interface or the adoption of our affordability constructs, engagement constructs like gaming, consumers have engaged with brands they love like never before.”

Amazon also affirmed that it is their biggest Great Indian Festival so far and they also affirmed that demand for smartphones and fashion products has increased. The demand for large appliances has also increased eight times and 50% of the orders came from local areas and 2nd and 3rd tier of cities.

Amazon Vice President After The Great Indian Festival

Amit Agarwal, the senior vice president of Amazon India said that the people from the lower tier were more interested than others. “The first wave of the Great Indian Festival was our biggest celebration ever with witnessing highest share of transacting customers and purchases across all marketplaces in India; orders from 99.4% pin codes; over 65,000 sellers from 500+ cities receiving orders in just five days and customers from over 15,000 pin codes joining Prime.”

Amazon also noticed that more than 50% of the buyers have purchased these appliances via EMI options and it is indeed their biggest sale ever.

Some researchers have shared their views after the end of the biggest sale of two leading companies.

A senior analyst at the Forrester Research named Satish Meena said, “Consumer sentiment continues to be weak, and what we are seeing is people who have delayed spending in the last six months now buying during the sale, which is reflective in sales numbers,” said Satish Meena, senior analyst at Forrester Research.

The Big Billion Days of Flipkart and Great Indian Festival sale of Amazon is the biggest annual sales of these top e-commerce sites. The sale mostly takes place near Diwali and it is the most critical time for these companies who always race to grab more and more clients.


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