Andaman Adventures: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Andaman Adventures

Andaman Adventures: A surreal collection of 500 odd islands and winds blowing at a gale force passing through your hair, is what describes Andaman as a place. 1400 km away from mainstream India and 1000 km from Thailand, the place is counted as one of the remotest places on the planet.

The stunning beaches that greets you as soon as you set your foot here, is beautiful green-blue expanse of the Bay of Bengal. The four side forest cover is scenic and picturesque. The place is heaven for photographers and people looking out for peace and some sea food delicacies! One of the best places to eat on the island is the Red Snapper located in Port Blair. The restaurant serves not only delicious sea food but also Thai, Chinese and even Indian for people looking out for vegetarian options. A must try is coconut prawn curry.

At port blair, the capital city, you’ll get to see a lot of tourist attractions, one of which is Aberdeen market place which has almost everything that you need from head to toe. A very famous cellular jail, comes second on the list, which is used by British to house the Indian Freedom Fighters. The landmark structured has witnessed numerous movements during the freedom struggle and therefore, it is now being declared as a National Memorial, where a pompous light and sound show is being run on daily basis.

One of the beaches, the island is known for, is this picturesque beach called Corbyn’s Cove Complex. It is located near port blair and a large number of tourist flocks here for sun bath and to enjoy a variety of water sports! Another beautiful set of island called Ross Island, which has became humanely inhabitant, in-houses number of churches, light house, etc. the island has a natural zoo where deer and peacocks can be easily spotted. Some other must-see islands are Jolly Buoy & Red skin islands, chidiya tapu, neil island, etc.

The best time this heaven on earth, is from December to april, when nights are pleasant and days warm and cozy.


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