Android Oreo: Top 5 reasons why this version is much better

Android Oreo Top 5 reasons why this version is much better
Android Oreo Top 5 reasons why this version is much better

All technoholics out there must have encountered the buzz new Android Oreo has created in the market. Equipped with the advancements of mobile technology the new device is leveraged with the new features such as – long-press on an app as the shortcut to view all the notifications onscreen, Autofill and Smart Text Selection to automatically recognize names, phone numbers, and addresses. This smart device also gives suggestions of the relevant app. With its myriad of qualities, the new Android Oreo has is a far better device than its counterparts.

Let’s get deep into its core features

Apps and reboots are better and faster in Android Oreo

The optimization in the device reduces device restart time and amazingly increases the app. performance.

Device and data security guaranteed with the Google Play Protect

A background service the Google Play Protect analyzes the app behavior to detect the malware. Once found it removes it from the device as well as the play store. This saves your data.

Wi-Fi Aware or Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN)

This feature notifies you when the devices with compatible hardware are close to you. It even does not require an internet connection.

Manage your notifications

One among the many features which make the new Android Oreo a better deal is its notification feature. The user can manage their notifications according to their comfort. They can snooze the notifications anytime they want, they can even set a time limit for various notifications to time out. Also, enjoy the liberty to change the background color and the messaging styles of the notifications.

Better data management

Unprecedentedly every app will have its own storage space for cached data. When the device needs to empty the disk space, the app data will be deleted first.

New enterprise features

The new Android O has more powerful and productive device owner and profile owner management modes. The file based encryption in enterprise management is easier now. Besides you can also enjoy the use of managed profile while using a corporate-owned device.

Let’s get quick highlights of some of its other features

It minimizes background app activity.

2x faster to boot up

Autofill remembers app logins

Notification dots displays quickly what’s new and can also be swiped off from the screen

Google Play Protect ensures the safety of device and data by scanning apps

60 new emoji in the redesigned emoji library

Improved battery life

The picture in Picture allows you to see two apps at the same time

Taking forward their culture of naming their Android operating systems after sweet treats, like Ice Cream Sandwich, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Jelly Bean, Donut, Froyo, Gingerbread, Cupcake, Eclair, Honeycomb, KitKat, and Nougat in which we the world tasted the sweet experience of smart mobile technology Google has added another slice of sweetness in the form of Android Oreo. The crux of the story is, life is easy when you have something so gorgeous with you. Once again the world is ready to embrace another miracle of smart technology.


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